Alabama Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Alabama Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

The state of Alabama has a vast game experience for hunting enthusiasts which includes Quail, Alligator, Turkey and Deer. 

The hunting seasons in Alabama come at different times from region to region in the state to the extent that individual counties may have their dates for starting and ending of hunting seasons. Bag limits can also vary from county to county. For more detailed information on bag limits and season dates, you can visit Conservation and Natural Resources website.

Hunting licenses and permits can be purchased and registered online in Alabama. In addition to this, Alabama allows hunters to report their harvests through the internet, by making a call or through a smartphone application. Most of the counties in Alabama have prohibited deer hunting with dogs and you should confirm before bringing your hound on the ground.

Special permits are required to hunt Alligators.

You can register for these special permits online and the permits are restricted to residents of the state of Alabama.

Alabama Bow Hunting Seasons

Category  Months
Deer Oct.15-Feb.10
Wild Turkey March.25-May.8
Alligator Sunset Aug.12-Sunrise Oct.4
Bobwhite Quail Nov.6-Feb.28
Raccoon Open season
Rabbit Sept.11-March.6
Fox Open season, daylight hours only

License Fee in Alabama


Category License Type Fee
Archery Resident $25.5
Archery Non-resident $329
Archery Junior  $8
Archery Senior $8

Total Area and Regulations by State

The total hunting area of the state of Alabama is a respectable 721,000 acres of premium hunting land which offers almost all the large and small games with seasons spanning throughout the year.

When it comes to Bowhunting, there are zero restrictions on bow size or type. Any bow of large or small size can be used for bunting in Alabama.

Fun Facts about Bow Hunting in Alabama

Bow Hunting in Alabama brings up the nostalgia of the phenomenon taking place in this historical landscape for centuries. Native Americans hunted Elk which has been eradicated from the state by over hunting.

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