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Practice makes perfect, and this has never been truer than in bowhunting. If you want to hit those whitetails in their vitals accurately, you need to spend time shooting arrows before hunting season so that you can hone your shooting skills.

A good archery target should not only help you improve your aim, but should also last a long time so that you could get your money’s worth. Looking for the best archery targets for your next practice session? Today I’ve made a list of my favorite ones to help you out.

Best Archery Targets Comparison Table

Product Name




Our Rating

Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Cube Field Point Archery Bag Target, Yellow Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target

Editor’s Pick – The Best Archery Target


32 lb

$$ 99/100
Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 28 Pound Field Point Archery Bag Target with Dual Shooting Sides and... Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target

The Best Product with Limited Budget


27 lb

$ 97/100
Field Logic Block Classic 18 Archery Target, Black Block Classic Archery Target

The Best 2-sided Archery Target

18”; 20”; 22”

Approx 14lb; 16lb; 18lb

$$$ 98/100
Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target - Designed for the Crossbow Archer Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target 16″; 20″

Approx 14lb; 29lb

$$$ 96/100
Hurricane Bag Archery Target - Taking the Archery World by Storm - Available in 3 Sizes Hurricane Bag Archery Target 20”; 25”; 28”

Approx 20lb; 34lb; 36lb

$ 95/100

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What Is The Best Archery Target On The Market?Archery Target Reviews1. Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target Review2. Block Classic Archery Target Review3. Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target Review4. Block Black Crossbow 4-sided Archery Target Review5. Hurricane Bag Archery Target ReviewBag Targets vs Block Targets: Pros and ConsHow to Choose the Right Archery Target for YouQuick Tips When Target ShootingConclusion

Archery Target Reviews

1. Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target Review

Archery Target Reviews
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I really enjoy shooting targets at Morrell’s Double Duty Field Point Bag Archery Target. There are just so many target points to choose from, from colorful billiard ball targets, a dart board target, a European mount target, and a deer’s midsection target.

This archery target is designed for different types of high-speed bows, including crossbows, compound bows, and airbows, so I can play around with my bows, depending on my mood. I love how this product can stop my arrows quickly, and they’re so easy to pull out from the target, too!

Another thing I like about Morrell’s product is that it comes with carrying handles, so I can easily transport it from one spot to another.

However, I would have wanted for this target to be a bit wider so there’s more room to shoot at, especially since the targets do not provide real-life size targets I can practice on. I’m also a bit wary of its durability, since the bottom staples tend to pull off easily after several uses.


  • Designed for all types of high-speed bows
  • Stops arrows quickly and allows easy arrow removal
  • Equipped with easy tote carrying handles for easy portability
  • Comes in four sides with different target patterns on each side for more fun target shooting


  • A bit narrow compared to other archery targets
  • Bottom staples are not attached well and may pull off easily
  • Patterns do not provide real-life size targets for practice shooting

2. Block Classic Archery Target Review

block classic
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The Block Classic Archery Target is an elegant-looking practice target that comes with four high contrast white-on-black target points for greater target visibility. Sadly, the dots are only painted on one side, so I don’t have as many options to shoot at when I want to practice shooting at different points.

It’s easy to pull out arrows from this target because of its patented open layer design that stops each arrow not with force but with friction. This way, my arrows do not risk breaking when I pull them out. However, I did notice some foam sticking around the shafts, which made cleaning a bit harder.

Block Targets’ product is a bit more expensive than other archery target brands, but it comes in three different sizes, so I’m given more options to choose from, depending on what dimensions I prefer.


  • Comes with patented open layer design that stops arrows with friction
  • Guarantees easy arrow removal
  • Provides great target visibility with its high contrast white-on-black target points
  • Comes with convenient handle strap for easy transport
  • Lightweight, portable, and durable
  • Comes in three different sizes


  • Comes with only two sides and two options for targets
  • Foam may stick to arrow after entry
  • Targets are only on one side
  • A bit more expensive than other archery targets

3. Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target Review

yellow jacket
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The second Morrell product in this list, the Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point is a wider, bulkier target than the other Morrell archery target. It also has only two sides, and therefore has fewer options for target points.

Having said that, I still love how easy it is to shoot arrows at this product, and how equally easy it is to pull them out. It can also stop arrows before they could plunge deeper, so I don’t have to worry about retrieving arrows from the other side of the target.

Portability isn’t an issue either, since it comes with a convenient handle for easy transport. A grommet also allows me to hang the target on the wall whenever I need to.

However, like the other Morrell model, I have a bit of issue with Yellow Jacket’s durability. I find that it tends to lean on one side as time goes by, so I need to lean it against something flat to make sure it doesn’t topple down.

Still, for the price it’s selling, I think the Yellow Jacket Supreme is a good alternative if you want an archery target without spending too much cash.


  • Designed to take thousands of arrow shots
  • Known for easy two-finger arrow removal
  • Excellent arrow stopping ability
  • Comes with accessible handle and grommets for easy transport and hanging
  • Cheaper than other archery targets


  • Durability may be an issue
  • Target may become lopsided and unbalanced over time
  • Comes with only two sides and two options for targets

4. Block Black Crossbow 4-sided Archery Target Review

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It’s very easy to aim and shoot arrows at the Block Black Crossbow 4-sided Archery Target because of its high contrast white-against-black target points. What’s more, the target has four sides, with each side featuring a different design, so I have more target options to choose from.

Block Target’s patented open layer design is kinder to arrow shafts because it stops each shot with friction instead of force. However, I find that pulling out arrows from this target is a bit more difficult compared to other brands.

While this product may be more expensive than other models, I think it is something worth investing in, since it might guarantee a longer lifespan because of its 4-side design and offset aiming points.


  • Specially designed for crossbows
  • Comes in four sides with high contrast design for increased visibility
  • Offset aiming points increase target life
  • Comes with patented open layer design that stops arrows with friction
  • Available in two sizes


  • Some arrows may be hard to remove from the target
  • A bit more expensive than other archery targets
  • Product may be a bit damaged upon delivery
  • Comes with a small hole instead of a carrying strap

5. Hurricane Bag Archery Target Review

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I feel that the Hurricane Bag Archery Target is a good option if I want a big target but I also want to save some money. It’s wider than other archery targets, but it’s cheaper than other brands.

While I do not like the bright colors too much because they become distracting, I do like how the target points are clearly visible even from great distances because of the target’s bright orange centers.

Transport isn’t a problem either, since this target comes with a heavy duty strap that makes carrying and hanging very easy. For the amount it’s selling, I don’t regret having one in stock, just in case I find need to use it.


  • Features highly visible shooting targets with bright orange centers for easier aiming
  • Off-center deer vital target points allow archers to practice aiming at deer’s vital while ensuring a longer target lifespan
  • Comes with a heavy-duty handle for easier transport and hanging
  • Large size for more target shooting space
  • Cheaper than other archery targets


  • Bottom of the bag is not stapled well and may cause an accident or pull loose after several uses
  • Bright colors may be distracting and are not really attractive
  • Arrows are a bit harder to pull out

Bag Targets vs Block Targets: Pros and Cons

Bag targets and foam layer block targets are two of the most common archery targets that bowhunters use. I’ve listed down a brief explanation of both types, including the pros and cons of using either one:

Bag Targets. Bag targets are the most common type of archery target out on the market today. Most bowhunters I know have used one at least once, and I myself have owned a couple over the years.

This type of target is filled with synthetic fiber that ideally stops your arrows and allows them to be removed easily. However, because of its material, you should only use them when practicing with field points. Broadhead arrows will most likely get stuck and might even ruin your target when you try to yank them out.

Bag targets, especially old models, aren’t that weather resistant either, so I recommend using them in an indoor target range. Otherwise, they might not last as long as you want because they tend to soak up moisture pretty easily.

Foam Layer Block Targets. Block targets are made of durable foam that stops an arrow’s momentum using friction instead of force. Because of this, it’s usually a better option if you want to practice shooting broadheads.

However, foam layers usually have a harder time stopping heavy draw weights. Because the arrows might bury deeper into the target, you might find a harder time pulling them out.

Foam layer block targets are also more weather resistant, and they are usually light and portable, so you won’t have a hard time transporting them to an outdoor range for target shooting whenever you need to.

How to Choose the Right Archery Target for You

Not all archery targets are the same. Not sure what to get? Here are some things you might want to consider before making a purchase:

Target Size. Big archery targets are often more ideal because you’ll have more room to make mistakes. Also, you’ll have more options for target points, so you can be very specific when practicing your accuracy.

Target Density. Before buying a target, make sure you know what draw weight you plan on practicing on it. Some models are specially designed to handle heavy draw weights, while some are more suitable for lower ones. The last thing you want is to shoot a 70-pounder on a target that can only handle 30 pounds or less, because that would only ruin your target, and possibly your arrows, too.

Target Weight and Portability. Try looking for an archery target that has a heavy-duty handle so you could easily carry it around with you. Lighter targets are more portable, too, and won’t put additional strain on you if you choose to do some target shooting in the field.

Target Points. Target points, or aiming points, are an important factor to consider when choosing the right target. I know many bowhunters prefer using white on black targets because of their better visibility, but I also know of some archers who like target points that are bright in color.

Whatever your preference, make sure you get something that will be easy for you to spot when you do your practice shooting. Otherwise, you’d most likely just be shooting randomly on the target because you couldn’t pinpoint where you should be aiming at.

Quick Tips When Target Shooting

So you’ve bought your new archery target. Great! Now it’s time for your first shooting practice. Here are some quick tips to help you make the most of your target practices:

Maintain proper posture. Take the time to check your stance before aiming your bow. Once you discover the right posture, it will be easier for you to draw your bow, aim at your target, and make a clean shot.

Know your anchor point. Experiment with different anchor points and use the one that works best for you. One of my usual anchor points is where the knuckle of my middle finger, from the hand that draws the string, touches my cheekbone. Once you find your anchor point, it will be easier for you to take aim and improve your accuracy.

Take your time. Missed shots often happen when you want to rush and fire your arrow even before you’re completely ready.

I like to take a deep breath and then release it slowly through my mouth before drawing my bow, just to steady my nerves. Then I take aim, concentrate on my target for a few seconds, and then let go of the string only when I’m confident that I have an accurate aim.


I like shooting targets the best at Morell’s Double Duty Field Point Bag Archery Target because it has four sides with different target patterns that I can choose from, as opposed to two-side targets like the Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target.

It also easy to transport from one place to another because of its easy tote carrying handles, which other targets, such as the Block Black Crossbow 4-sided Archery Target, may lack.

My other favorite archery target is the Block Classic Archery Target. Not only is it elegant looking, but it also provides greater target visibility because of its white-on-black target points.

While it is a bit more expensive, its patented open layer design that stops arrows with friction allows easier arrow removal, compared to the Block Black Crossbow 4-sided Archery Target.

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