Top 4 Arrow Saws—Know the Best Arrow Saws on Sale Right Now!

Cutting arrow shafts to length is a task that I encourage bowhunters to do. Not only does it allow you to save money (as opposed to buying new arrows every single time), you can also customize your arrows’ length depending on your needs.

To cut arrow shafts properly, you need a reliable arrow saw that will do the job. Some bowhunters prefer to make their own saw, while some attest to the advantage of a store-bought one.

If you’re looking into buying an arrow saw for your cutting needs, then look no further. Here are my recommendations for the best arrow saw, which you can choose from.

Table of Best Arrow Saws

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Arrow Saw Reviews

1. Weston 8000 RPM Arrow Saw with Dust Collector Review


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Cutting carbon arrows have become easier for me with the Weston 8000 RPM Arrow Saw. I love how sharp the saw is and how cleanly it cuts through my arrows. The machine itself is made of durable materials that are sturdy and solid.

I also like how quiet this Weston product is, so you can actually use it indoors without disturbing other people with the noise it produces. The unit is easy to set up, except for the measuring tape, which could be a bit tricky if you don’t read the instructions properly.

If you don’t mind spending a bit for a good-quality arrow saw, then I recommend you check out the Weston 8000 RPM Arrow Saw online or on your next visit to your local hardware store.



  • Features an extra sharp saw with an 8,000 RPM continuous blade speed
  • Saw is designed to cut through carbon arrows and other types of arrow shafts cleanly and easily
  • Equipment is made from solid, durable materials
  • Machine is easy to set up and operate
  • Produces minimal noise when cutting, making it suitable even for small apartment spaces
  • Comes with an arrow spinner setup that is easy to use
  • Includes a protective blade cover and two dust collector adapters
  • Good customer service
  • Fair price for the quality it offers



  • Nock holder may turn when tightened
  • Rollers are a bit unstable and may slip into the saw
  • Measuring tape is a bit tricky to set up and doesn’t stick to the rail and may need replacement
Weston Arrow Saw 8000 RPM with Dust Collector (52-0601-W)
  • Complete arrow saw kit includes arrow saw, 2 blades, 2 arrow spin testers and 2 Dust collector...
  • Precise arrow cutting cuts all types of arrow shafts and features a measuring scale for...
  • 2 spin testers create straight, true arrows that are as good as the ones in your favorite...

Last update on 2024-05-23 PST - Details

2. TruePower 919 High-Speed Mini Miter/Cut-Off Saw Review


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If you’re looking to save money and still have a decent, reliable arrow saw, then I think the TruePower 919 High-Speed Mini Miter/Cut-Off Saw might be a great match for you. Priced way lower than most arrow saws, this TruePower product gets the job done without making you spend a lot for it.

This small but sturdy equipment can easily cut through small-diameter arrow shafts with ease and works great for personal use. However, perhaps because of its small size, it needs a bit of rest time after sawing off a small batch of arrows so it doesn’t overheat.

Despite not being as powerful as other heavy-duty saws, this little arrow saw makes smooth and precise cuts that leave little to no burs left on the cut edges. Of course, while this may save you some time from sandpapering, I still recommend you do a little finishing on the edges, just to be on the safe side.



  • Features a sharp saw with a 7,800 RPM continuous blade speed
  • Saw can cut through brass, steel, wood, and other types of arrows with relative ease
  • Small blade that makes smooth and precise cuts that leave little to no burs or snags on cut edges
  • Great for cutting small volumes of arrows with small diameters
  • Very cheap alternative to more expensive arrow saws



  • Machine is not as powerful as other heavy-duty saws
  • Cut-off saw tends to wiggle on the mandrel, which may cause accidents if not fixed
  • Equipment get tired easily and produces extra noise when used to cut more than ten arrows at a time
  • Blade dulls a bit quickly and does not come with a guard
TruePower 919 High Speed Mini Miter/Cut-Off Saw, 2-Inch (colors may vary)
  • Precise Smooth cuts on wood, plastic, soft metals (aluminum, copper, brass)
  • Cutting Dept: 1/2 Inch
  • 7800 RPM Speed

Last update on 2024-05-23 PST - Details

3. Apple Archery Pro Arrow Saw with Dust Collector Review


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If money is not an issue and you’re willing to invest in equipment that will last longer, then I recommend that you check out the Apple Archery Pro Arrow Saw. This machine is built with high-grade materials and is designed for heavy-duty cutting, both for personal and commercial use.

The Apple Pro Arrow Saw comes with a dust collector that keeps dust out of your machine and your workplace, allowing you to easily clean up after a cutting session. The package also includes a sturdy arrow rest and rest stop, to make sure your arrow shaft is well balanced before cutting begins.

You do need to install the measuring tape before you can start using the machine. Make sure to follow the instructions clearly so you don’t end up setting up the ruler incorrectly, which may cause inaccuracies to your arrows’ length.



  • Features an extra sharp saw with an 8,000 RPM continuous blade speed
  • Measuring tape is easy to install and machine is easy to use
  • Comes with a dust collection unit for easy dust elimination and a sturdy arrow rest stop
  • Sturdy-built equipment that doesn’t wobble once mounted on a flat surface
  • More heavy duty than other arrow saws and will last longer if taken care of properly



  • Requires an Allen wrench to reach the adjustment screw of the dust collection unit
  • Measuring tape has to be installed and not factory applied
  • Very expensive compared to other arrow saws
Apple Pro Saw w/Dust Collector Adapter Saw
  • The Apple Pro Arrow Cutter is manufactured with an 8, 000-rpm ball-bearing motor
  • The Pro Arrow Cutter can be used to cut either carbon or aluminum arrows.
  • The vacuum shroud system removes harmful particles from the air and traps them in your shop...

Last update on 2024-05-23 PST - Details

4. T-Bird Archery Modular Arrow Saw Review


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The T-Bird Archery Modular Arrow Saw is a great product for those who value storage space and are not averse to assembling equipment from scratch. This model is shipped in parts, and aside from the main saw motor and four base parts, it also comes with two spin testers and a movable tail that features a deburring tool.

Assembling the unit doesn’t take much time as long you follow the instructions properly. However, I’ve noticed that the equipment does not come with a measuring tape, so you need to figure out the length of your arrow shafts some other way.

Because of its modular design, this T-Bird Archery product can be transferred easily to a new work location and reassembled for your next use. This lets you save on working space and the trouble of transporting a heavy piece of equipment from one workbench to another.



  • Features a sharp saw blade with an 8,000 RPM continuous blade speed
  • Cuts through all lengths and different types of arrow shafts
  • Modular design makes it easy to transfer and transport to other work areas
  • Sturdy-built machine that mounts well on a table or any other flat surface
  • Comes with two spin testers, one movable tail, and a reusable storage bin with lid
  • Movable tail comes with a deburring tool to help remove burs from the insides of the cut arrow shafts
  • Fair price for the quality it offers



  • Unit is delivered in parts and needs careful assembly to function properly
  • Unit does not come with a measuring tape
T-Bird Archery T-Bird Modular Arrow Saw
  • Modular design
  • Capable of cutting all length arrows and bolts
  • Comes complete with spin testers and de-burring tool

Last update on 2024-05-23 PST - Details

Store-bought versus DIY Arrow Saws

In my many years as a bowhunter, I have heard many debates on the pros and cons of a DIY arrow saw versus a store-bought version.

Advocates of the homemade arrow saw claim that building your own saw will help you save money because you can adjust your expenses to make something that fits your budget. Making your own arrow saw also allows you to customize your equipment, depending on your preferences.

While I don’t deny that building your own arrow saw has its advantages, I am still partial to store-bought arrow saws for several reasons.

One, while a store-bought arrow saw may be more expensive in the short run, you may actually save money in the long run if you just go for the commercial kind. Why? Because the time and effort you spend building your saw, plus the repairs you need in case you don’t build it properly at first, may negate any money you save.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with DIY projects, you may end up making something substandard and impractical to use. Your equipment may end up having any number of issues, including an inaccurate measuring tape, an unstable cut-off saw, and wobbly clamps that may not hold your arrow shafts in place.

Before you decide on whether to make your own arrow saw or just buy something online or from your local hardware store, make sure you consider the pros and cons I’ve mentioned first.

If you want to try your hand at building something and you want to save money in the short run, then I think the DIY arrow saw may be a good project for you. If you value your convenience and prefer something that has gone through quality checks, then I recommend buying an arrow saw online or in the hardware instead.

Safety Tips on Cutting Arrow Shafts Using an Arrow Saw

Before you start cutting your arrow shafts using your arrow saw, remember these safety tips to help you avoid accidents and let you have a smooth, stress-free cutting session:

Secure the arrow saw to your table. You can use a clamp or any other mount to secure your arrow saw in place. By keeping your equipment in place, you avoid accidentally moving it during your cutting session, which could otherwise cause a painful accident.

Also, when setting up your saw, make sure you place it on a stable, solid surface, like a steady table or a flat counter. Do not place your saw on an uneven surface or a table that is tilted diagonally, as this may cause your saw to slide off and bring you harm.

Wear safety goggles. Unless you want bits of the arrow embedded in your eye, I strongly recommend that you wear a pair of safety eye goggles before you start cutting away. You can buy cheap safety glasses online, like the Tarvol Protective Safety Glasses, or you can look for a reliable pair in your local hardware store.

Don’t forget the gloves! While this isn’t really a requirement, I still suggest you invest in a good pair of working gloves, like the Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves, to protect your hands from splinters and arrow shavings.

Smooth out uneven edges with sandpaper. Once you’re done cutting your arrows, smooth out the uneven edges with fine sandpaper to avoid snags and any rough parts that may hurt your hands.


The Weston 8000 RPM Arrow Saw is probably my favorite because of its smooth cuts and sturdy build. It is also quieter than other arrow saws, which makes it ideal to use in small work areas. I think its quality and additional features make its selling price worth investing on.

Given its convenient design, I think the T-Bird Archery Modular Arrow Saw may work best if you don’t mind assembling your equipment every time you need to use it. This unit saves on space because you can easily pack it away after every use, as opposed to the Weston Arrow Saw and Apple Arrow Pro Arrow Saw.

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