The Top 7 Best Bow Stabilizers for Hunting on the Market

Best Bow Stabilizer for Hunting

I’ve had many people ask me if a bow stabilizer is a necessary accessory for a compound bow. Most of them didn’t think a stabilizer makes any difference, while others didn’t really want to spend extra money on another bow accessory.

Today I will address the topic of bow stabilizers and give guidelines to help you decide if you should invest on one or not. I will also give a list of the best bow stabilizers out on the market today that you can choose from.

Product Name




Our Rating

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer, Black, 6' Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

The Highest Quality Product

6-10/8 Inch


$$ 95/100
NEW ARCHERY PRODUCTS Apache Stealth Dampening 8' Bow Stabilizer for Bow Hunting, Black New Archery Apache Bow Stabilizer

The Best for High-Wind Shooting

8 Inch


$ 94/100
Trophy Ridge AS1306B Static stabilizer 6' Black Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

The Best Product with Limited Budget

6 Inch, 9 ​Inch


$ 92/100
New Archery Products Apache Predator LED Stabilizer NAP Apache Predator LED Stabilizer

The Best for Low-light Settings

6 Inch

4 Ounce

$$ 94/100
LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer, Carbon Black with Black LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer 7 Inch

13 Ounce

$ 94/100
EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer 4 Inch,  6 ​Inch

6 Ounce, 8 Ounce​

$$ 95/100
SAS Archery 5-inch Aluminum Bow Stabilizer (Black, 5-inch) SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer 8 Inch, 11 ​Inch

6.5 Ounce, 10 Ounce​

$ 95/100

**Below, you find more detailed reviews but you can also click links above to see current prices and read customer’s reviews on Amazon.

Bow Stabilizer Reviews

1. Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer Review

Bow Stabilizer Reviews

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The Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer is one of my favorite premium bow stabilizers, and for good reason. Each unit comes with innovative archery stabilizer technologies designed to minimize, if not completely eliminate, shot-induced vibrations.

I also love how the stabilizer provides great balance to the bow, once you have the full weight installed. You can also easily adjust the weight depending on how little or how much you need on the end of your bow.

If I have one thing I want to improve on this product, it’s probably the Lost camo design, which doesn’t really work well for me because it doesn’t look good with my bow. Overall, however, I would say that the Bee Stinger is an investment worth getting into.


  • Designed for superior stabilization
  • Features innovative archery stabilizer technologies to minimize vibrations
  • Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener and De-Resonator helps eliminate shot-induced vibrations
  • Weight can be easily adjusted depending on your requirements
  • Provides great balance to your bow
  • Good quality for the price you’re paying


  • Camo design is not that effective
Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer, Black, 6"
  • Package length: 28.447 cm
  • Package width: 12.953 cm
  • Package height: 5.08 cm

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

2. New Archery Apache Bow Stabilizer Review

Bow Stabilizer

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New Archery is known for its innovative product designs, and its Apache Bow Stabilizer is a good example of this. This model comes in two parts, which I need to connect before attaching to my bow.

On the one hand, I love that I can easily store this anywhere because it easily comes apart, but on the other hand, I do find that it takes more effort to assemble it, so I don’t think it’s the best pick for a quick disconnect.

I do like using this stabilizer when I shoot game in long ranges during windy days. I like its compact design and the extra weight it has on the front, because it helps take away some strain from my wrists.


  • Comes with a removable carbon-fiber accessory bar
  • Extra weight in the front may help take away some strain from the wrist
  • Works especially well for high-wind and long-range bow shooting
  • Easy to store because of its design


  • Quality is a bit inferior compared to other stabilizers
  • Needs more effort to install and disconnect because of its 2-part design
  • Finishing may easily chip off if item is dropped
NEW ARCHERY PRODUCTS Apache Stealth Dampening 8" Bow Stabilizer for Bow Hunting, Black
  • BOW STABILIZER - Designed to knock out noise and hand shock while bow hunting, the sleek yet...
  • DURABLE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - The New Archery Products Apache bow stabilizer features...
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE - The base stabilizer greatly reduces bow vibration and noise allowing you to...

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

3. Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer Review


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I find that there are many things that Trophy Ridge can improve in its Static Stabilizer, but I do like the fact that it is made of lightweight materials that I can easily carry with me.

This model also boasts of a Ballistic copolymer system that reduces its weight and allows air through the bar, which in theory helps the bow stabilizer better.

What I don’t like about this product is that it doesn’t come with dampeners, and the manufacturer advertises specifications which are different from the actual product. Still, I think it is something worth looking into if you’re on a tight budget.


  • Made of lightweight materials
  • Attaches quickly and easily to the bow
  • Comes with two customizable weights
  • Cheaper than other stabilizer brands


  • Does not come with dampeners
  • Actual length is different from manufacturer’s specifications
  • Sound dampening can use some improvement
  • Requires a quick detach to disassemble
  • Comes with a single piece of cord for a sling
Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer, 6-Inch, Camo
  • 6 Inch Length
  • Ultra Light Weight Design comes with 2 Customizable Weights for Added Weight and Balance
  • Braided Wrist Sling Included

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

4. NAP Apache Predator LED Stabilizer Review

NAP Apache Predator LED Stabilizer

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I tend to use the NAP Apache Predator LED Stabilizer when I hunt in low-light settings and I want a bit more light. This product comes with a high-powered Cree LED bright light that has a great range and allows me to see better in the dark.

Its exclusive Vibration Dampening Technology reduces the bow’s vibration for each shot, so it works great as a stabilizer, too.

My biggest beef with this product is that the battery is pretty hard to replace, and the ones provided ran out of juice too quickly. The switch also produces a quiet sound that may feel louder if you’re in a very quiet environment.


  • Comes with a high-powered green 3-watt Cree LED
  • Features Apache’s innovative and exclusive Vibration Dampening Technology
  • Has a remote activated tactical on and off switch
  • Comes with two CR123 battery
  • Bright light has great range and can help hunts in low-light settings
  • Comes with Velcro tape for easy mounting


  • A bit tricky to replace the batter
  • Switch produces a sound that may alert game of your presence
New Archery Products Apache Predator LED Stabilizer
  • ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE - The New Archery Products Apache Bow Hunting Stabilizer features a...
  • ESSENTIAL HUNTING GEAR - The NAP Apache Stabilizer is specially designed for predator/hog...
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION - This NAP Apache Stabilizer has an all-aluminum construction which...

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

5. LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer Review


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Let me get out of the way first: I love the fact that LimbSaver offers so many designs for its WindJammer Bow Stabilizer. From classic black to something more contemporary, there are just so many to choose from!

Aesthetics aside, I also like how this model is very easy to install to my bow. And once it’s there, it adds just enough weight so that the bow doesn’t vibrate whenever I take a shot. However, as this is a bit lightweight, I don’t normally use it for my heavier bows because it doesn’t work as well.

The LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer boasts of being made of durable aircraft aluminum, and its tubing is filled with LimbSaver’s very own NAVCOM material. This allows the stabilizer not only to prevent vibrations, but also dampens the noise the arrows and string produce after every shot.


  • Made of durable 6061 machined aircraft aluminum
  • Tubing filled with innovative NAVCOM material that helps with vibration control
  • Quick to install and easy to use
  • Works well even in harsh weather conditions
  • Comes in different designs


  • A bit light for heavier bows
  • Red O rings sometimes pop out of place
LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer, Carbon Black with Black
  • Bow stabilizer with 7-inch tube made of 6061 machined aircraft aluminum
  • Tubing filled with LimbSaver's proprietary NAVCOM material
  • Dampens vibration to improve shot consistency

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

6. EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer Review

EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer

No products found.

I find that I can use the EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer even in very windy weather, mostly because of its strategic hollow frame design. The big gaps around the stabilizer allow wind to flow through, instead of pushing against the item, which might make me miss my shot.

I’ve also noticed that my hand torque was reduced whenever I use this product. Not only that, but this EBBQ model is very lightweight and quiet, so I didn’t really have any problems carrying it around.

My biggest issue, however, is that the product didn’t really have four harmonic stabilizer lights. In truth, it only has one, and the remaining three are actually just harmonic dampers. Lost camo design is 50/50, too—it works with some bow designs, but pickier bowhunters may have an issue with it.


  • Solidly built CNC machine-designed stabilizer
  • Reduces hand torque during every shot
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lost camo matches several bow designs
  • Hollow frame design prevents wind from pushing against the stabilizer


  • Contains only one harmonic stabilizer light and three harmonic dampers, not four harmonic stabilizer lights

No products found.

7. SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer Review

SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer

Check current Price

I’ve heard so many good things about the SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer, so I made it a point to get one to check it out. I must say I was very impressed, as this product is made of high-grade aluminum that is very solid and durable.

SAS Archery’s Extreme Vibration Dampening Technology works well to reduce the vibrations on my bow, allowing me to hit my targets more often. I also found that this stabilizer is very lightweight and easy to install. I also like the classic black design, which I think works with whatever bow I have.

I was, however, disappointed that my product came with a few scratches, like it was not handled well during shipping. I would have preferred that the manufacturer took better care of its delivery procedure, but otherwise, this product is A-OK for me.


  • Made of tough, solid, and durable high-machined precision aluminum
  • Features SAS Archery’s Extreme Vibration Dampening Technology
  • Adds balance to the bow that helps increase the accuracy of each shot
  • Lightweight and easy to install and carry around
  • Comes in classic black and camo design


  • Product may be delivered with scratches
SAS Archery 5-inch Aluminum Bow Stabilizer (Black, 8-inch)
  • All CNC Aluminum Construction for Maximum Precision
  • Extreme Vibration Dampening Techonoloy for Max Vibration and Noise Reduction
  • Full Draw Counter Balance

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

Do You Really Need a Bow Stabilizer for Your Bow?


Before you rush to the nearest archery shop and grab the first stabilizer you lay your eyes on, I want you to pause and assess your hunting needs and habits first. Doing this will help you decide if you really need to invest on a stabilizer now or if you could hold off purchase for a later date.

So how can you determine if you need a stabilizer for your compound bow now or not yet?

Keep in mind that the most important role of a stabilizer is to stabilize your compound bow. It does this by adding forward weight to your bow, assuming you install it correctly, of course. But why do you need to stabilize your bow?

Well, for one thing, a stable bow allows you to make more accurate shots, especially in windy environments. Your accuracy rate will also increase when you’re shooting from 40 yards and up.

If most of your shots are done within the 40-yard range or below, then I don’t think a stabilizer will make much of a difference. You can still get one to improve your aim, but bear in mind that the improvement may be negligible.

Also, note that a stabilizer adds weight to your compound bow. If you’re doing most of your bowhunting in a blind or a tree stand, then using a stabilizer is okay, since you won’t really be bogged down by all the additional weight.

However, if you are more of an on-the-ground hunter, someone who is more mobile and loves the thrill of moving from one spot to another, then the added weight of the stabilizer may become a nuisance in the long run.

How to Choose a Bow Stabilizer

Like all other bow accessories, not all bow stabilizers are made equal. Here is a list of guidelines that will help you choose the right stabilizer for you:

Weight. Because the primary function of a stabilizer is to stabilize your bow, your product’s weight should add just the right amount of mass to your weapon.

I know some bowhunters who prefer heavier stabilizers because they feel that these maximize the stabilization of their bows, but I also have colleagues who like a lighter bow. Make sure you get something that you won’t mind carrying around in the field.

Ideally, your stabilizer should be somewhere between 4 to 10 ounces. You can ask a representative of your archery shop to help you test several stabilizers to determine which one works for you.

Dampening Material. Most stabilizer brands claim that they help reduce the noise and vibration of the bow after every shot. This is important in increasing the accuracy of your shots, since the slightest vibration may affect the angle of your arrow, which may mean the difference between a clean shot and a nip on your target’s leg.

Look for a stabilizer with a noise dampener made of gel, rubber, or sand, and make sure this material is positioned at the center of the stabilizer and not at the end. This ensures that it can absorb the maximum vibration and noise that it is supposed to.

Length. While a stabilizer’s length isn’t that all important, many hunters still opt for stabilizers within the 6 to 8-inch length. This is the optimal length for most stabilizers for decreasing noise and vibration and hand torque after every shot. While longer stabilizers are a favorite of competition shooters, you may find them unnecessary when you’re in the field, aiming for a moving target.

Adjustability. I like stabilizers that allow me to make customizations to it, depending on my needs. These include side bars that adjust the weight from sights and quivers. Plain stabilizers are okay, but I find that ones with additional features are a better investment in the long run.

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