Best Bow Under 500: A Guide For Hunters On Budget

bows under 500

Best Bow Under 500: A Guide For Hunters On Budget

Hunting season is fast approaching; it’s time to find a new bow. You may be on a budget, but you’re not going to settle for anything less than the best of the best. Here is a list of bows under 500 dollars based on professional research within the hunting community. However, do thorough due diligence before buying a new bow. Furthermore, you’ll want one that serves as an investment and a reliable weapon during hunting season.

Which Are The Best Bow Brands for Budget Hunters?

Bear Archery

A renowned manufacturer, Bear Archery is a more value-oriented compound bow manufacturer that has been in the industry for over 6 decades. Their commitment to producing high-quality bows at budget-friendly prices has made them a favorite among hunters all over the globe.

For under 500 dollars, you can get your hands on one of their newest compound bows, the Bear Method Bow.

PSE Archery

PSE’s bows are renowned for their incredible quality and consistency. Additionally, PSE’s bows are among the best you can get in this price range. This explains why many top professionals prefer using PSE compound bows.

The best recurve bow under $500 is the PSE Brute which comes with a high-energy wheel system that will maximize the efficiency of your arrow. With this bow, you can expect up to 85% let-off and speeds up to 310 FPS.

Mathews Incorporated (Inc.)

Mathews is a compound bow manufacturer that has been around for over 2 decades. Their bows feature high-quality workmanship and innovative designs, leveraging them to produce some of the fastest and most accurate bows on the market.

Compound bowhunters looking for a mid-range priced compound to help them take down any prey they set their sights on should consider purchasing a Mathews Z7 Hunter. The 7 Series was designed with high performance in mind while maintaining a relatively low price for hunters on a budget.

SAS (Samick)

SAS is a top bow manufacturer that has been in business for over 4 decades, producing high-quality bows at affordable prices. SAS’s line of recurve bows has made them famous worldwide as being some of the best recurve bows available today.

When you are looking for a great deal on a SAS recurve bow, consider purchasing the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow, which will provide you with all the features of a high-end bow at an affordable price.

Bowtech Archery

Bowtech Archery is one of the leading bow manufacturers specializing in high-end compound bows for hunting and target shooting. Bowtech’s line of compound bows consists of six different recurve bows, which range from very affordable to market-leading.

One of these top-quality bows is the Bowtech Diamond Series, designed specifically for budget-conscious hunters looking for simple yet very effective bows.

Which Is The Best wallet-friendly compound bows?

Here are the under $ 500 compound bows that are ideal for the upcoming hunting season.

Bowtech Allegiance

One of the main features of this bow is its high-energy wheel system, which delivers speeds up to 310 FPS. Furthermore, it has a draw length range from 26-31 inches and a draw weight range from 40-70 lbs.

Also, this bow is widely preferred due to its ergonomic grip. This feature is essential to increase the shooter’s comfort while also improving arrow flight for greater accuracy.

Stinger X Compound Bow

This compound bow was designed to be light enough for young shooters to handle without sacrificing speed or power, making it ideal for kids aged between 12-14. With a draw length range between 22.5-26 inches, this compound bow has enough power to bag small game when used correctly.

Bear Apprentice II Compound Bow

Another great choice is the Bear Apprentice II, a bow that comes with a draw weight range of 30-40 lbs and a draw length between 23-27 inches. With an axle-to-axle measurement of 27″, this is one of the most compact bows on the market.

Also, the bow has a back wall device, making it ideal for first-time shooters who are less experienced with the mechanics involved in shooting down a hunt.

Bear Archery Cruzer Compound Bow

This highly affordable compound bow comes with an adjustable draw length between 19-27 inches and a maximum draw weight of 55 lbs. Despite being one of Bear Archery’s most affordable bows, it has various high-end features, including an adjustable draw weight, an adjustable draw length, and an ergonomic grip to improve shooter comfort.

Genesis Original Bow

This recurve bow is part of SAS’s budget-friendly lineup of weapons that are explicitly designed for novices. Being one of SAS’s most affordable bows, the bow comes with several high-end features, such as an adjustable draw weight and a draw length range between 19-27 inches.

Also, the best part about this bow is that it only weighs 2 lbs making it ideal for young shooters who are just starting out.

PSE Fang Recurve Bow

This bow is ideal for serious target shooters, boasting speeds of up to 290 FPS. With an axle-to-axle length of 29″, this bow is super compact, making it an ideal choice for 3D archery tournaments and hunting season.

Additionally, the bow is very quiet, making it ideal for target shooters looking for something compact.

SAS Courage Compound Bow

This compound bow comes at a great budget-friendly price with a draw length that is adjustable between 22-30 inches, making it ideal for seasonal hunters who want to get in on the action without breaking the bank.

Moreover, this bow comes with state-of-the-art features such as a 3 pin fiber optics sight and Micro Slick cable slide, which are essential for improving overall accuracy.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

This high-end recurve bow boasts a 68″ AMO length, making it one of the longest bows on this list. This bow would be best suited for professional archers due to its adjustable draw weight between 35-55 lbs.

Also, the beautiful wooden riser design makes this bow an excellent choice for serious target shooters looking to improve their accuracy.

How long does a bow last?

A bow is built to last for years. Typically, you can get 6-10 years out of a new bow. Extensively used bows 8-12 months. Here are the factors that will determine the years of service:

Usage: A bow kept in a safe and rarely used will last much longer than one which is constantly shot.

Lubrication: Your string contacts your bow’s limbs, so keeping the moving parts lubricated is essential. A dry bow can have up to 30% more wear on its functional components.

Storage: If you live in a dry climate, you should store your bow in a humidity-controlled environment. If it is kept in a moist or humid atmosphere, the working parts of your unit will rust and wear out quickly.

Tiller: Your bow tiller is determined by how well it balances, which means your limbs are on the proper plane. If this gets out of balance, you will be unable to shoot accurately and damage your bow. Continual use can cause stress that permanently deviates your bows tiller, so always seek an expert’s opinion if you suspect there is a problem.

Nocks: Nocks are the small plastic parts that fit on your bowstring. These parts should be checked for tightness regularly, which you can do by grabbing your string with one hand and pulling backward with the other. If any of these components are worn out or broken, it is time to go shooting again.

Strings: Of course, the most noticeable parts of your bow will be your string and cable system. These items should always be inspected for fraying, stretching, or breaks so that you can keep your unit in top shooting condition.

Limb: This is the actual working part of your bow, which means it should be kept oiled at all times, and you should NEVER dry fire your bow (shoot without an arrow). If you do, the limbs could warp or crack and render your bow useless.

Cable System: This part is constantly under stress and should always be checked for fraying. Always keep your cable system waxed to ensure the best service life. If you notice any wear on this component, it’s time to go shooting again.

Centre Serving: Your center serving attaches the top and bottom limb to the riser and is critical for accuracy. This part should be replaced as it wears out or breaks, as a broken center serving could render your unit useless.

Arrow Rest: Your arrow rest holds the arrow in place while you draw back your bow, so if any of its parts are worn out, you will have difficulty hitting your target with accuracy. If you notice nicks or other damage to your rest, it should be replaced as soon as possible for optimum performance.


Bows are a great way to get involved in archery without spending weeks learning the ropes before shooting successfully. Nevertheless, with constant practice, you will be hitting the bull’s eye in no time. Hopefully, the above review will guide you in the hunt for an ideal bow to fit your needs with a budget of below $500. Happy hunting!


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