Top 5 Best Compound Bow Quiver – Full Reviews and Buying Guide

best compound bow quiver

There are professional archers and hunters who always traverse the woods that have not used the best bow quiver yet. It could be surprising, but they may be missing a lot of advantages. To begin with, the tool will help reload the compound bow quickly while being busy looking for a prey.

Table of Best Compound Bow Quiver

What Are the Advantages of Using a Compound Bow Quiver?

You may not have realized it at first, but carrying extra arrows is imperative in archery. To prove why it is a must for you to have, here are the benefits of choosing the best compound bow quiver:

1. Convenience

Every bowhunter appreciates the ease of getting arrows from a quiver whenever they are immersed into the game of hunting. Using it enables you to grab your bow along with an arrow right away. You no longer need to put an arrow on your bow every time. Besides, it will be more manageable for you to remove an arrow from the quiver quickly.

2. Detachability

There are removable quivers off the bow. You do not need to unstring the bow whenever you are up in your treestand.

3. More Arrows

Quivers could hold from three to seven arrows at a time. Generally, bowhunters prefer those that could hold five arrows.

4. Suits Let-Off Benefit

By having a compound bow, you will have the advantage of pulley/cam system. The pulley will rotate as the string is pulled backward. The useful radius of the pulley is altered as it traverses. Relatively, instead of being round, pulleys are naturally lacking a common center. By using a suitable quiver for the type of bow, you could reap this benefit constantly.

5. Less Maintenance

If you will use a compound bow quiver, you will have no reasons regarding maintenance of large quantity of moving parts. Failure could be prevented at all costs. For instance, you could keep limbs from getting damaged or cable from breaking.

To learn how basic compound bow quiver is set up, consider watching this video:

How to Choose a Compound Bow Quiver?

There are several aspects you need to take regard before selecting a bow quiver, which are the following:

  • Durability. If you are looking for a compound bow quiver, it is necessary that it could resist rugged hunting and games. You would not want to carry a quiver that will suddenly break apart while in the middle of a hunt. Ensure that the materials making up the quiver are durable and could last longer despite frequent use.
  • Flexibility. Your compound best bow quiver must work on both the right and left hand. It must also adjust according to every bow you will have to use. These are good features that newer models possess, which could be considered great advantages.
  • Arrow Capacity. Check how many arrows a quiver could hold at a time. Basically, this is more of a personal preference. There are those who want more, while others prefer less.
  • Added Contemporary Features. If you could find compound bow quivers that could allow easy loading and removal of arrows, the better it is for you. There are available products that automatically lock in arrows in just a press of a button or tab.
  • Vibration Isolator. It is ideal to select a compound bow quiver that will eliminate the noise or vibration between the bow and quiver. This is necessary in order to have a steady shot whenever necessary.

Check Out These Highly Rated Bow Quivers

Your search for the top quality bow quiver could be easier by considering the following highly rated products:

1. Tight Spot Quiver Review


TightSpot Hunting Shooting Archery Lightweight 5-Arrow Full-Size Quiver with Quick Draw System,...


Check current Price

This product made to the list of the top bow quiver candidates due to its positive reception from its existing users or buyers. The product is a compound bow quiver that could be adjusted on the spot. Other amazing features of the product are its resistance from torque affecting accuracy and maintenance of overall balance.


  • Protection-Prioritizing Design. It has a hood made from new space-age polymer material, ensuring that it is unbreakable even after rigorous use. Moreover, it keeps broadheads covered with its deeper hood. Even the very sharp blades of your arrows will not be in contact for its expandable is kept closed. Furthermore, it has closed insert covers for the edge to avoid the same issue mentioned.
  • No Vibration. The bow quiver is designed with tail fan, which means that the vanes’ vibration or even small movements will be isolated. Even the noise will be prevented for better hunting strategies.
  • Stabilized Shooting. Your accuracy and concentration when shooting will not be affected for the bow quiver is structured with a better bow balance. It fits tightly onto your bow. Given the fact it is very lightweight, no torque will be produced.
  • Quick Arrow Draw. You could quickly draw an arrow to a shooting position instantly since its gripper is placed at the nearest possible area. The gripper is also designed with a separate arrow adjustment setting.
  • Top-of-the-Line Materials. The materials used for the bow quiver construction are well chosen for longer utilization, such as carbon and aluminum.


  • May Be Heavy for Others. Though largely considered as a lightweight quiver, there is a complaint that it may be too heavy.
TightSpot Hunting Shooting Archery Lightweight 5-Arrow Full-Size Quiver with Quick Draw System,...
  • VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE HOOD - Made of a new space-age polymer, the hood on a TightSpot is so...
  • EXPANDABLES STAY CLOSED - Expandables tend to open when you bury them in foam. In a TightSpot,...
  • ONE-HANDED REMOVAL - A simple lift of the QuickLock cam disengages the TightSpot quiver from...

Last update on 2024-04-12 PST - Details

2. Trophy Ridge Lite 1 Quiver Review


Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, Black


Check current Price

You may also consider this as your choice of bow quiver if you are a fan of customizable mounting brackets in arrow carrier. It is a five-arrow system that is durable and highly portable. The compact back quiver is made for serious hunters and is designed with braided hanging rope.


  • Less Weight. The product has all the necessary features a quiver must have to be considered premium but at less weight. Using the bow quiver will make you faster and more compromising on the hunt. It is 25 percent lighter due to the aluminum material.
  • Superior Strength. The revolutionary material making up the product may be lighter, but this ensures extra strength. Besides the aluminum structure of the product, there are also polymer materials used to make it resist the toughest conditions.
  • Anti-Vibration Reduction. The movement between the bow and quiver is isolated by this arrow quiver. It has a Soft Touch Ballistix Coating that provides added vibration control.
  • Dual Arrow Grippers. You may use the compound bow quiver for both mechanical and fixed broadheads with ease.
  • Safety Design Feature. You will certainly be visible even during the night for it has three green LED lights on the hood’s top. The powerful similar lighting inside the hood provides convenience in putting the arrows whether it is day or night.


  • Poor Material for Retention Latch. The retention latch of the compound bow quiver is made from plastic, which makes it breakable during long-term and frequent use.
Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, Black
  • Three bright green LED lights on top of the hood
  • Ballistix CoPolymer construction
  • Braided hanging rope for bow or detached quiver

Last update on 2024-04-12 PST - Details

3. Apex Gear Game Changer Quiver Review


APEX GEAR Game Changer 5-Arrow Quiver Black


Check current Price

If you are looking for an extremely sturdy quiver, this could be your suitable compound bow carrier. The product is a durable, easy-to-use, and high-quality arrow carrier that could accommodate up to five arrows. It could be ideal for practice or hunting and may be utilized by left or right-handed shooters.


  • Full Adjustability. You could mount it in any angle possible, including behind your sight, which gives you less hindrance during hunting. It has a Cam-Lock feature that could place the quiver against the riser of your bow.
  • Technical Rubber Hood. Its hood is made of a material that dampens both vibration and noise. Moreover, unlike others, the construction will never dull your razor-sharp broadheads.
  • Hanging Loop. It is designed with a hanging loop with aluminum material that you could use in ground blinds or trees.
  • Fit for Any Arrow Material. You could either use aluminum or carbon arrows, even the micro-sized ones with this quiver. It is suitable for both fixed and mechanical broadheads.
  • Soft-Feel Coating. It keeps the exterior of the bow quiver more convenient to use with its TRU-TOUCH technical coating.


  • Does Not Fit Tightly. Compared to other compound bow quivers, it does not fit as tightly as necessary. Additionally, it even has less adjustment to solve the issue.
APEX GEAR Game Changer 5-Arrow Quiver Black
  • Full adjustability allows quiver to mount behind the sight.
  • Contrasting color rubber hood liner won’t dull broadheads and makes it easier to load arrows.
  • Lightweight / compact.

Last update on 2024-04-12 PST - Details

4. LimbSaver Silent Quiver Review


LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting, One Piece, Black


Check current Price

If your trusted bow quiver is a tool that works quietly and perfectly for hunting, then LimbSaver’s product is a good choice. The quiver has a very lightweight design and innovative low profile. It could hold up to five arrows with sizes 0.245 inch to 0.360 inch in diameter.


  • NAVCOM Technology. NAVCOM stands for Noise and Vibration Control Material. The grippers of the compound bow quiver are made to reduce vibrations and dampen noise when being used.
  • Universal Design. You could adjust the quiver accordingly, making its compatible for both expandable and fixed broadheads. It also works along with wide range of shaft sizes.
  • Easy Arrow Access. Getting an arrow is very easy with the quiver since it has a thumb release feature and quick disconnection system.
  • High-Quality Material. The quiver is made from heavy rubber material and steel, guaranteeing its capability to resist harsh conditions.
  • Design Choices. You could select from different popular HD camouflage patterns.


  • Not Compatible for Tree Stand. If you will stock and hunt, this is not a good choice of quiver since it does not have a dial placement.
  • Not Adjustable. If your arrows are loose, this bow quiver may not work well since it is not adjustable.
LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting, One Piece, Black
  • Five-arrow Quiver with innovative low profile and lightweight design, great for Bow hunting
  • Grippers made from LimbSaver's proprietary vibration- and noise-dampening NOVCOM technology
  • Universal design fits both fixed and expandable Broad heads, as well as wide spectrum of shaft...

Last update on 2024-04-12 PST - Details

5. Kwikee Kompound K6 Quiver Review


Kwikee Kwiver K6Black 6 Arrow Quiver Black


Check current Price

The product, which may be your best bow quiver for the money, comes from a provider of various quivers that are 70 percent lighter than its counterparts. As claimed, Kwikee quivers could secure arrows tightly, be adjusted, work quietly, and comes with lifetime warranty.


  • Arrow Gripper. The bow quiver could stay malleable despite being used in extreme temperatures.
  • Ultra Lock Function. It gets rid of vibration every time you shoot an arrow.
  • Remains Secured. It keeps arrows in place despite running in a short distance.
  • Quick Release. The bow quiver has a tension lever feature instead of a clip.
  • Pattern/ Color Choices. You could purchase it in basic black color or various camouflage patterns.


  • Compact. The quiver’s height and width are compact, making it sit high off the bow when fitting.
  • Carbon Color for a Fee. The tool’s carbon color costs extra but is not genuinely carbon fiber.
  • Poor Customer Service. There are complaints on how the manufacturer of the product failed to provide a refund or product replacement for a client. It was reiterated by the same customer who encountered a broken shaft that there was no response from the company.
Kwikee Kwiver K6Black 6 Arrow Quiver Black
  • OVER A MILLION QUIVERS SOLD AND STILL COUNTING: Founded in 1957 by a WW II veteran pilot who...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE & USER FRIENDLY: Equipped to hold a large range of shaft diameters, the Kwikee...
  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY IN ALL CLIMATES: Unlike other nylon made quivers that can become brittle...

Last update on 2024-04-12 PST - Details


The clear winner of the best compound bow quiver roundup is TightSpot 5-Arrow Quiver since it had met all the important aspects of a high-quality quiver – durability, flexibility, arrow capacity, and added modern feature among others. Moreover, it is versatile not only for different angles but varying arrow sizes as well. Lastly, it is not too large or too small since it keeps just the right number of arrows. The design of the product is unsurpassed in terms of strength and weight proportions as assisted also by balance setting for your bow.

Moreover, the product has a higher value compared other bow quivers, but its quality says it all. Even its existing users and buyers have commended it in general. There are no serious complaints concerning its quality. TightSpot 5-Arrow Quiver simply shows that the best bow quiver is not based on how expensive it is.

Kwikee Kwiver K6Black 6 Arrow Quiver Black
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