What is the Best Hang On Treestand? Check Out My Top Picks!

best hang on treestand

Do you use a tree stand during hunts? A hang-on tree stand is pretty much standard equipment for my hunting trips. It allows me a good spot to observe and aim at my game without the danger of hurting other hunters.

If you’re trying to decide on what the best hang on treestands are, you can check out my top picks and see which suits you best.

Table of Best Hang On Treestand

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Advantages of Using a Tree Stand

Some hunters do not like to use a tree stand because it limits their movements, but I find that using a tree stand has its advantages. Here are just some of them:

1. Better Shot

When you shoot an arrow from above ground, there is a bigger chance of hitting more of your game’s body mass. This means that even if your game manages to run away, it will be easy to track it down because it will leave a better, darker blood trail.

2. Stealth

When you position yourself up in a tree, there is less chance that a deer will detect your presence. Because you’re not within its field of view, there is little to no danger of it spotting you unless you make a lot of noise (and maybe not even then).

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Being in a higher space also means that your scent is hidden from your game. Because the wind rarely blows downward in an open field, your smell will be masked by the surrounding foliage.

3. Wider Field of View

Staying up on a tree stand will let you see more of the hunting ground, including your targets and other hunters. This will give you more time to prepare and aim a more accurate shot at your game.

4. Safety

Being on an elevated area can keep you safe in two ways. First, other hunters will not mistake you for the game, so they won’t shoot at you. This may seem funny, but believe me, when everyone is very focused on the game, there is always a chance that the slightest movement will cause someone to release a random arrow.

Other than keeping you safe, using a tree stand also minimizes the danger of you shooting another hunter by accident. Because you have a wider field of view, you can see almost everything going on the ground, including the movement of other hunters.

Things to Remember When Setting up a Hang-on Tree Stand

Most hunters install their tree stands days before the actual hunt. Before you set up yours, don’t forget these important reminders:

1. Be Prepared

Don’t go to the area and start installing your tree stand without making preparations first. These include making sure you have a complete set of gears, scouting the area, and choosing the best tree.

Preparing a checklist prior to the installation has always helped me make sure I don’t forget anything important. In it, I write down all the prep work I need to do before the setup. I also jot down the tools I will need for the job.

Remember: The most high-tech equipment will be useless if you don’t have a concrete plan on how to use it. If you fail to prepare, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

2. Be Safe

Just like in any other activity, you have to prioritize your safety before going on a hunt. This extends to setting up your tree stand.

Make sure that your tree stand passes a safety check before you even install it. Remember: You will be on it for long periods of time, so you need to make sure it will not suddenly snap off and send you hurtling down the ground.

Don’t forget to wear a safety harness when you’re installing the tree stand and during the actual hunt. This ensures that you won’t hurt yourself even when something unexpected happens while you’re up there in the tree.

3. Use a Buddy System

While hunting is usually a solo activity, setting up your tree stand doesn’t have to be one. Find someone you trust to help you install your tree stand in your chosen location. Not only can this person help you carry your gear, but he can also serve as a first aider in case you get into an accident.

I understand that you might not want to share your hunting spot with just anyone, which is why I recommend getting someone you trust to go with you. If you still don’t want to do it, at least inform your family or a close friend that you’re planning to go to the hunting grounds. This way, someone still knows where you are and can check on you if you’ve been gone for too long.

Hang On Treestand Reviews

1. Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand


Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Treestand

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I love the design of the Millennium Treestands’s M150 Monster Hang-on. It is so compact so you can easily fold up the seat if you need more room to stand on when you take a shot.

Speaking of the seat, this tree stand’s seat is designed to contour to your body’s shape, and it comes with a backrest angled at 15 degrees so you can comfortably lean back while waiting for your game.

The legroom that the platform provides is impressive as well. At 24 x 37 inches, I find that this platform gives enough wiggle room for your legs and your feet.

Like the previous Millennium Treestand model, the M150 Monster is very lightweight, too. It only weighs 19.5 pounds, and it comes with a ratchet strap receiver so you are assured of your safety while you’re up there in the tree.



  • Compact and sleek design
  • Comfortable seat with backrest
  • Wide platform with enough legroom
  • Lightweight compared to other tree stand brands
  • Comes with a ratchet strap receiver
  • Easy to carry and set up in the tree



  • Expensive compared to other tree stands
  • Not as stable as other models
  • Wide seat may pose problems if you need to make quick movements to catch a game
Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Treestand
  • A MORE COMFORTABLE WAY TO HUNT: Bagging that deer sometimes require spending hours up in the...
  • SAFELINK: Millennium is committed to hunter safety, which is why we designed SafeLink, a...
  • LARGE PLATFORM: Having the room necessary to position yourself properly for that shot is...

Last update on 2023-12-02 PST - Details

2. Millennium Treestands M7 Microlite


Millennium Treestands M7 Microlite Treestand, black

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Have you ever had problems carrying your tree stand from the camp to your hunting spot because it is so heavy? The Millennium Treestand M7 Microlite is one of the lightest tree stands I have ever encountered. Weighing only 8.5 pounds, it gives little to no trouble during setup because it is so light.

While the mass weight of the tree stand is very light, it can still carry heavy weights with ease. Made of durable aluminum steel coated with a powder finish, the M7 Microlite has the capacity to carry a maximum of 300 pounds.

Aside from its negligible weight, this tree stand is also designed with foldable gears so you can easily flatten it out. Each stand also comes with two backpack straps so it’s easy to carry the tree stand even in long distances.



  • Very lightweight at only 8.5 pounds
  • Easy to carry and comes with backpack straps
  • Made of aluminum steel with a powder coat finish
  • Seat folds back if you need more room to make your shot
  • Delivered completely assembled



  • Uses an unsecured hinge pin to hold in the seat
  • No backrest so it’s not as comfortable as other models
  • Platform is a bit small
Millennium Treestands M7 Microlite Treestand, black
  • OUR LIGHTEST TREE STAND: If you like to hike deep in the woods, or if you prefer multiple sites...
  • SAFELINK: Millennium is committed to hunter safety, which is why we designed SafeLink, a...
  • PLATFORM: The exclusive, patented comfortMAX contoured, tight sling seat will provide...

Last update on 2023-12-02 PST - Details

3. Summit Treestands The Peak Hang On Stand


Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

Check current Price

Summit has always aimed to make their customers happy with new innovations, and I think The Peak Hang On Stand is yet another example of this.

Aside from the durable powder-coated steel base that ensures a safe and snug position up in the tree, this model also comes with a removable foam-padded swing seat, complete with a backrest and padded armrests.

The platform is also big at 25 x 35 inches, which is good because you don’t have to squeeze yourself into a tiny area while waiting for your game.

My issue with The Peak is that it can get a little awkward when I shoot my bow because there is a tendency that my elbow will hit the armrest. The armrest also makes installation a little difficult, but nothing so bad that it will ruin your whole hunting experience.



  • Made of durable powder-coated steel
  • Seat comes with padded armrests, which adds extra comfort
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Comes with a full-body fall arrest harness system



  • Heavier compared to other hang-on tree stands
  • A bit awkward to assemble because of the armrests
  • Armrests may provide some blockage to the elbows or body during a shot
Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
  • The Viper SD remains a favorite amongst hunters
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction makes transporting and climbing a breeze
  • Sit comfortably for hours thanks to the suspended foam-padded seat with cushioned backrest and...

Last update on 2023-12-02 PST - Details

4. Rivers Edge Hang on Big Foot Tear Tuff XL Lounger


Rivers Edge RE556, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger, Lever-Action Hang-On Tree Stand with TearTuff...

Check current Price

Armrests in a hang-on tree stand can either be a curse or a blessing, and I’m happy to say that the Rivers Edge Hang On Big Foot Tear Tuff XL Lounger’s armrests is the latter. They are padded and comfortable to rest your arms on, and they flip up easily when you need more room to make that shot.

Aside from its armrests, the Big Foot Tear Tuff provides comfort in other ways. True to its name, the footrest is big, with dimensions of 37.5 x 24 inches, which is a lot of room for your legs to stretch on.

The seat of this tree stand is made of tear tuff for more comfortable positioning, and it comes with a padded backrest that keeps your upper body relaxed.

My only issue is that the armrests look a bit flimsy and might not be able to carry too much weight, but I haven’t had any problems with them so far.



  • Very comfortable seat which comes with a padded backrest
  • Wide platform allows your legs to rest during waiting period
  • Comes with a high-quality harness



  • The big seat makes it a bit hard for you to get into it at the start
  • The size of the seat may get in the way when you need to make quick shots
  • Armrests seem a bit lightweight and might not support too much weight
Rivers Edge RE556, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger, Lever-Action Hang-On Tree Stand with TearTuff...
  • EXTRA LARGE PLATFORM: At 37”x 24” the TearTuff Lounger offers an oversized platform with...
  • FLIP-UP SEAT AND ARMRESTS: Not only will you experience the all-day comfort of the TearTuff...
  • ULTRA QUIET ATTACHMENT: With a noiseless strap attachment the TearTuff Lounger has eliminated...

Last update on 2023-12-02 PST - Details

5. Hawk KICKBACK Hang-On Treestand


Hawk Kickback LVL Hang-On Portable Aluminum Big Game/Shooting/Hunting Tree Stand with 24'x30'...

Check current Price

Sitting for hours waiting for the game can be boring and uncomfortable, especially when you’re stuck up in a tree. I like how comfortable the seat of Hawk Kickback Hang-on Treestand is, so I didn’t really feel antsy while waiting for my game to pass by.

This tree stand is made of a 21 x 18-inch flip-up mesh seat that is moisture proof, so you don’t end up with a wet bottom even during rainy hunting weather.

With a 24 x 30-inch platform, I find that the design of this tree stand is very impressive, especially the kickback footrest that allows you to stretch your legs to have a proper stretch.

However, I find the Hawk Kickback a bit of a pain to assemble. Also, at 22 pounds, this tree stand is pretty heavy, so you might have a harder time lifting it up onto your chosen tree.



  • Comes with a 21 x 18-inch mesh seat that keeps moisture out and your seat dry
  • Made of durable steel
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Secure and stable



  • Hard to assemble
  • Heavier than other hang-on tree stands
  • Holes on footrest bracket may not be completely drilled through
  • Does not come with a ratchet strap
Hawk Kickback LVL Hang-On Portable Aluminum Big Game/Shooting/Hunting Tree Stand with 24"x30"...
  • SPACIOUS & COMFORTABLE HANG-ON TREE STAND - As the name implies, the Kickback series of tree...
  • ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE - This heavy-duty tree stand incorporates silent, over-molded attachment...
  • XL MESHCOMFORT LOUNGER SEAT - The Hawk KickBack LVL tree stand has the mesh seat that is super...

Last update on 2023-12-02 PST - Details

6. Guide Gear Hunting Hang On Tree Stand


Guide Gear Hang On Tree Stand for Hunting with Seat and Foot Platform, Deer Hunting Accessories

Check current Price

You don’t need a lot of money to buy good gear for your hunting trip. The Guide Gear Hunting Hang On Tree Stand is a sturdy, cost-effective hang-on stand that sells for less than $40. Because it is so cheap, you can already buy four pieces for the same price as one of other brands’ tree stands.

Although cheap, this tree stand is designed well and proves to be durable, too. All the edges are welded cleanly, which is good because you don’t end up snagging your attire on any sharp edges. It is fairly lightweight, too, so you can easily set it up on your preferred hunting spots.

However, this tree stand is not as comfortable as other more expensive brands. The seat isn’t cushioned well and the footrest is a tad small so it’s hard to stretch your legs.

Safety might also be a concern since the set does not come with ratchet straps. However, because this stand is so cheap to begin with, you can just buy your own straps for an additional $15.



  • Sturdy, with edges welded cleanly
  • Light and easy to set up
  • Way cheaper compared to other brands



  • Does not come with ratchet straps
  • Seat is not cushioned properly and may be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods
  • Footrest is a bit small
  • No shoulder straps so it’s a little hard to carry around
Guide Gear Hang On Tree Stand for Hunting with Seat and Foot Platform, Deer Hunting Accessories
  • INCLUDES FITTINGS – Our deer stands for hunting include everything you need to get started...
  • DURABLE – Made from durable steel for rugged stability. Our hunting tree stands are built to...
  • COMFORTABLE – Features a closed-cell foam cushion and large foot platform with room to...

Last update on 2023-12-02 PST - Details

Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-On Tree Stand

Another option for a cheap but good quality tree stand is the Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-On Tree Stand. It offers the same features as the Guide Gear Hunting version, plus an upgrade to a seat with backrest and two padded armrests.


Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Treestand

I personally like the Millennium Treestands M7 Microlite Hang-on Tree Stand because it is so lightweight and easy to set up. It also comes completely assembled, which saves you time you can use to prepare your other hunting gear.

If you’re aiming for comfort while you’re up in the tree, the Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-on Tree Stand is a safe bet. Because its seat can contour to fit your body shape and its backrest is angled at 15 degrees, you’re given more comfort compared to other stands with backrests like the Hawk Kickback Hang-On Treestand or the Rivers Edge Hang On Big Foot Tear Tuff XL Lounger.

If you’re trying to save money and you’re not too particular about comfort, I recommend the Guide Gear Hunting Hang On Tree Stand. You can buy one set for less than $60, and you won’t feel too bad if someone steals it during hunting season.

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