Best Hunting States for Meat Lovers

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Best Hunting States for Meat Lovers

People hunt for several reasons, some as a recreation sport, others to remove predators that can harm humans and domestic animals. But some hunt as a means of survival to get food for their family. However, the state you call home can have a life-altering effect on the quality of your hunting. If you love wild game, you will want to know the states that allow you to hunt for your game meat. You will also want to know which states have various games and favorable regulations and laws with unique meat eating opportunities to improve your stay.

All states are not the same, as some have favorable laws set to treat hunters in the best way. Here is a list of states that you may want to live in just because it is easy to hunt for your game meat.

The best state for hunting must have these two characteristics:

  • A high percentage of the state’s population hunts and
  • A significant amount of public land set for hunters

Other factors that affect hunting include the state hunting tradition, the amount of game available, and the hunting regulations. Also, if you do not want to hunt illegally in the United States, it is important to obtain a hunting license from the specific state where you want to carry out your hunting activities. Your hunting must comply with the fish and wildlife set rules and regulations of the state where you want to hunt. In addition, the age set for people to hunt differs from one state to state. As a hunter, you are also required to take a hunting safety education course and pass the test before getting a hunting license from your state.

Some states honor other states’ hunting licenses like the California hunter Education certificate is acceptable in all the states in the United States. But other licenses are not uniformly acceptable by all the states. There are also times when hunters are allowed to hunt a specific type of game only, and most only the residents are allowed that.

The following is a list of some of the most lenient states for hunters:


alaska polar bear

The top on the list of the most favorable states for hunters is Alaska, which is good for hunting wild animals and is also good for fishing. The state has a very vast land of undisturbed nature with glaciers, mountains, tundra, and forest. The public owns 90% of the natural forest, making it one of the best hunting places. It is one of the states that love hunters and are open to hunting and thus contributes billions of dollars for their economy. In this state, almost 65% of the residents have a hunting license, with many others participating in other activities like fishing and trapping. It is the home of some of the world’s largest bears, moose, mountain goats, and elk.


Idaho specializes in hunting a wide variety of species and types of game. The state is one of the hunter-friendly states in the United States. Over 60% of the state is public land, and the population of hunters is much more than the national average. Here there is plenty of whitetail and stud mule deer. However, there is controlled hunting for some animals like Black bears, antelope, moose, and bighorn sheep. Idaho Department of Fish and Game, issues hunting licenses, for both residents and nonresidents the same. If you love meat, this is a good way to get your game meat. You can easily obtain a hunting license even when you are a non -resident.


How Much Draw Weight Is Needed To Kill A Deer

This state is one of the best hunting places in the entire Nation because it is a good destination for traveling hunters. The leading game animals in this state are the elk, deer, and pronghorn antelopes. It is also a home for black bears, bighorn sheep, moose, and bison. Here hunters make up half of the state’s population. Also, half of the land is state-owned, making it a good home for wild animals. This state will provide you with some of the most sought-after games for those who love the game.

What is the cheapest state to hunt in?

If you think of a hunting trip outside your home state, it is important to know the best state to consider. However, some of the hunting trips, like deer hunting for nonresidents, can be quite expensive. But there are some states where you can enjoy your deer hunting trip without spending too much money.

One of these states is Ohio, where you can get both the hunting license and deer permit for less than $200. The state produces some of the Nation’s largest whitetail bucks, but the permit is still affordable. In addition, you can get inexpensive hunting tags either online or over the counter. However, nonresident hunters need to do thorough research to know the best places to hunt. With 95% of the land privately owned and a dense human population, hunting pressure can be high. But the southern portion of the state is covered with wood. Therefore if you are a bowhunter, you may find this region a better public hunting space.


Nebraska State features a diverse habitat mix with pine ridge hills to the west-central and river bottoms in the southern and eastern sides. With this diversity, it is easy for individual hunters to find hunting space that fits their styles.

At the same time, the Nebraska Game and Parks make the whole game hunting simple, providing Online Public access Atlas showing all the public accessible lands. The users also get an opportunity to choose between imagery and street views to know the best hunting location in the state. Using this online information, it is possible for you as a hunter to know the species you are likely to get in certain locations.

The best thing about this state is that it has plenty of uninhabited lands. Therefore, once you leave the densely populated center, you are left with a wide range of widely separated homes which means you will experience very little hunting pressure. In addition, hunting licenses are available at an affordable price for both male and female hunters in this state.

North Dakota

pre rut

The hunting license is affordable for residents with fishing and furbearer certificates for only$1 and Game and Habitat license for only $20, and deer licenses not more than $30. In addition, the state has vast deer hunting opportunities. There are both small and large hunting parcels of land. Although large deer are rare in this part of the Nation, there are some impressive deer that can make your hunting be considered a success.


The state offers a hunting opportunity in harvest, with a six deer opportunity allowed for bowhunters. Also, there is a fast land for exercise, which increases the opportunity for all hunters. The best thing about this state is that there are plenty of mature deer, so this is the place for you if you are concentrating on getting deer.

On the southern part of the state is favorable timber cover with the biggest deer population and on the western side being a home for the mule deer.


deer hunting in the rain

Texas is known for deer hunting, with between 600000 and 700000 deer hunted every year. The only consolation is that the state is large, and the deer population is very high. Most of the deer are found in the southern part and the hill country. Although 90% of his state is privately owned, plenty of beer hunting is still available in the remaining part. Here there are both free and cheap stretches for you to carry out your deer hunting project.

What is the worst state to hunt in?

While there are many hunter-friendly states where you can hunt enough game for your living, there are also others that you cannot look at with enthusiasm. Here is a list of some of the states you may not consider as good for hunting, whether you are a traveling hunter or a state resident.


how do deer survive the winter

One thing that makes Michigan make its way to the list of the worst hunting states is its unwelcome weather. Hunting in this region will subject you to cold and snowy weather. It is one of the coldest states in the United States and one with the highest turnout of bucks harvested. The rich hunting tradition discourages traveling hunters, residents, and neighboring hunters.


Maine is covered with deep snow and an extremely thick wooden area, which poses a great challenge to the hunters. The fact that the state is covered with thick wood, it becomes very hard to see through them when you are searching for your prey. It takes a lot of effort for the hunters to get their prey, and with baiting not allowed, hunting is not anything simple in this state.

The game meat lovers are always looking for a good trophy animal that will be worth the trouble. It is therefore important to know the states that will help you get the trophy animals. It would be best to look for states with a few hunters like Kentucky, Indiana, and Iowa, which also have big and mature animals. They are also some of the best states for meat lovers. It is also important to consider the kind of weather you will experience in different states before deciding. With the above-given information, you can make your informed hunting choice for a better catch

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