What is the Best Longbow for Hunting?

best longbow for hunting

Hunting season always makes me think of longbows. In my opinion, you can’t really say you’re a veteran hunter unless you’ve experienced hunting with this traditional weapon at least once.With so many bow models out on the market today, sometimes it’s hard to choose the best longbow for your hunting trip. But don’t worry. I’m here to help you make that choice a little easier.

Table of Best Longbow for Hunting

Longbow Vs Recurve

longbow vs recurve
Longbow Vs Recurve. Via etsy.com

Both the longbow and the recurve bow are traditional bows that are popular with beginner and experienced hunters. Below are the basic differences between the two:

1. Shape

Longbows are made of a straight stave and a piece of string of flax or hemp. When the string is attached to the string’s notches on both ends of the stave, the bow forms a D or half-moon shape, with the curve facing toward the archer.

A recurve bow, on the other hand, is famous for its Number 3 shape, formed because the grip appears to curve inward a bit, while the limbs curve away, or “recurve,” from the archer.

2. Length

Longbows got its name from its bow length. A general rule is that a longbow should be long enough so that the user can draw the string to a specific point of his body, usually around the chin area. Many longbows are about the same height as its user, with an additional length of up to three inches.

Recurve bows are generally shorter than longbows but can be as powerful. This makes it the ideal bow to use in tight or enclosed spaces.

3. Speed and Stability

There are countless debates between archers and hunting enthusiasts on which type of bow is better for hunting. Billingsgate Unlimited compares the two types based on which one has the advantage on speed and which one has the advantage on stability.

Speed. Recurve bows shoot faster arrows because of the unusual shape of the bow. The recurve gives added tension to the string and acts as a springboard, so the arrow flies faster once it is released. However, because of the recurve, microscopic adjustments to your form can affect the stability of your aim.

Stability. Longbows are generally more stable than recurve bows because of their shape. Since the bow curves gently toward its ends, its limbs tend to bend more naturally when you pull the string toward you.This means that the bow is pulled straight, but it doesn’t wobble because the tips are curved flat. This gives you a steadier hold on the bow and makes it easier to shoot the arrows in a straight line.

What Makes a Good Longbow?

best longbow for hunting

Via blackwidowbows.com

1. Good materials

A good longbow is usually made of three layers of wood. Known as laminates, these layers attend to the requirements of the different sections of the bow. To make sure your longbow can withstand extensive tension caused by multiple uses, it’s imperative that your bow is made of top-notch materials.

The 2020 Archery Blog gives recommendations on what type of wood is best for a specific part of the bow:

  • Corewood. The core of the bow needs to be very hard and strong. For this part of the bow, I recommend trying greenheart wood because it is relatively cheap and easy to find. If you want an extra tough material, you can also go for balau, ipe, yew, or snakewood.
  • Bellywood. Because the archer normally grips the belly of the bow, it is important that it is made of a material that can withstand the firm grasp of the archer. I find that lemonwood is an excellent choice for bellywood, although ipe and yew work well, too.
  • Backwood. You need a flexible backwood that can handle the tension of the string. I think bamboo is an excellent material for backwood, but I find it too expensive. Fortunately, there are other pliable woods you can use as a substitute. Go for maple if you want a light bow, and hickory if you prefer something a little heavier.

2. Right Draw Length

I cannot overemphasize the importance of the proper draw length in making your hunting experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Primeval Arc recommends three methods to find the correct draw length for your bow:

  • With another bow and arrow. This method is very simple and will require the help of another person. All you need to do is draw the bow and ask your companion to mark the area where the arrow touches the back of the bow.
  • ​With another bow but no arrow. Alternatively, you can simply draw the bow without the arrow, and have your companion measure the distance between the string and the back of the bow.
  • ​With a simple mathematical computation. To use this method, simply measure the length from the tip of your right middle finger to the tip of your left middle finger. Divide this by 2.5.
  • With a measuring stick. Extend your arm and position the measuring stick at the tip of your middle finger. Then drag the other side of the stick toward the center of your chest, and read the measurements. Add an inch to the result to get your draw length.

While many people rely on mathematical computation or the measuring stick method, I still prefer to measure the draw length by bow and arrow, because I think it is more accurate.

buck with bow

what type of bow hunter are you: compound bow or crossbow? Find out.

Top 5 Best Longbows for Hunting

1. SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow Review


SAS Pioneer 68' Longbow Traditional Wood Long Bow Archery Target Hunting (Right Hand 50 pounds)


Check current Price

I love this Southern Archery Supply model. Its classic look transports me back to a time where longbows were a general part of life, and not used primarily for recreation. It’s also very cheap compared to other longbows out on the market right now, which makes it appealing not only to pro hunters but to beginners and bow hobbyists as well.


  • I think that this model is very well made. It is made of cassia siamea and makore wood, which is great because these materials make the bow very stable and durable.
  • There is very little hand shock whenever an arrow is fired.
  • I had a very easy time setting up this longbow, and although I didn’t tune it when I tried it out for some practice shots, I found that the arrows still shot accurately from the bow.
  • This model comes with a bowstring and an arrow rest. This is great because you’ll have additional help when aiming the arrow at your target.
  • This is the best longbow for the money. Compared to other longbows, this brand is very cheap but is still of high quality.
  • I believe this is a good longbow for beginner archers.
  • Customer service is great. I had to call them to ask something about the product, and they were very helpful and answered all my questions.


  • While the bow is made of top-notch hardwood, the bowstring may sometimes cause the arrow to go off target.
  • This model is not available for left-handed archers.
SAS Pioneer 68" Longbow Traditional Wood Long Bow Archery Target Hunting (Right Hand 50 pounds)
  • Riser is made of Makore Wood and Cassia Siamea
  • Strong fiberglass limb Made of Maple laminations
  • Great Shape and Stablity

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

2. Bear Montana Longbow Review


Bear Archery Bear AFT2040150 Montana Long Bow RH, Brown


Check current Price

The Bear Archery Montana Longbow is a model that came out in the 1990s and has quickly gained a fan base among bow experts and enthusiasts. With its beautiful design, comfortable leather grip, and clean arrow flight, I think it deserves all the praises it is getting right now.


  • This bow is handcrafted beautifully using a clean and classic design with a bit of modern flare.
  • The laminates are encased in a sleek black fiberglass for added strength.
  • While the bow is made from durable black maple or brown maple hardwood, it is still very light and easy to carry around, whether on the hunting trail or in the campsite.
  • I find that the draw is very smooth, and there is little to no vibration upon the arrow’s release.
  • Each purchase comes with a soft but flexible leather grip and a 97 Flemish string.
  • This model is available for both right-handed and left-handed archers.


  • The handle wrapping is glued on and is very hard to remove.
  • I find that the grip is a bit too big, so archers with small hands might find it a little hard to grasp.
  • Compared to other longbows, the Bear Archery Montana is a little bit on the expensive side.
Bear Archery Bear AFT2040150 Montana Long Bow RH, Brown
  • White maple limbs, backed and faced with high-strength fiberglass
  • Leather "sjoot off the shelf" arrow rest
  • Supple leather grip and sideplate

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

3. OMP Mountain Man Sierra Longbow Review


OMP Sierra 68' 60# Right HandLongbow


Check current Price

October Mountain Products is known for releasing an impressive line of hunting bows, and the Mountain Man Sierra Longbow is no exception. As the name suggests, I believe this model is great for hunting in the mountains, because it is very lightweight and can shoot arrows fast, despite the speed of your targets.


  • This bow is made of walnut, hard maple, and purpleheart woods, which results in a design that is both classy and durable.
  • The laminates of the Sierra longbow are reinforced with strong fiberglass, which gives additional strength to the limbs.
  • The bow comes with a built-in arrow shelf and a Dacron bowstring.
  • The bow is compatible with the Fast Flight string, which is great because Fast Flight is known to transfer more energy to the arrow, making the arrow fly faster when released.
  • Because it is priced reasonably, I think this model is a good pick for beginner archers.


  • Although the bow itself is durable, the packaging is not. My order came in a broken tube. Good thing the actual bow remained intact.
  • The bowstring was a few inches too long for my brace height, so I had to have it readjusted before I could use it properly.
OMP Sierra 68" 60# Right HandLongbow
  • Crafted from hand-selected hard maple, purple heart and walnut woods
  • Multi-laminate limbs
  • Reinforced limb tips

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

4. Martin Savannah Stealth Longbow Review


Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Longbow, Stealth, 50


Check current Price

The Martin Savannah Stealth Longbow is a deflex-reflex bow that I tried using to hunt large animals. And because it only weighs about a pound, it is very easy to carry even during long treks, so I didn’t have to worry about muscle cramps as I locked into my target.


  • Made of bubinga and maple wood, the bow is handcrafted carefully, and then smoothened out to achieve a satin finish.
  • The colors are muted, which is great because it is easy to camouflage it during a hunting trip.
  • This model comes with a Flemish bowstring, a traditional arrow rest, and a bow sock made of soft cloth to protect the bow. A bow stringer also comes with the package.
  • I love the deflex-reflex design of the bow because it can hold the tension from the draw without resulting in hand shock.
  • This model is available for both right-handed and left-handed archers.


  • While the colors make it an ideal camouflage in forests and hunting areas, I find that they are too muted compared to other classic-looking longbows.
  • This model is very expensive, so I suggest you only consider buying it if you’re serious about archery or hunting.
Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Longbow, Stealth, 50
  • 40 to 65 lb Draw Weight
  • 6.5in- 7.5in Brace Height
  • 1lb 7 oz. Mass Weight

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details

5. PSE Archery Sequoia Longbow Review


PSE Sequoia Longbow Right Hand, 50#


Check current Price

The PSE Sequoia Longbow was my practice bow when I was just starting out with my longbow love affair. What I like most about this model is its durability. Since its backwood is made of bamboo, it’s understandable why this brand is very flexible. I also like the fact that both right-handed and left-handed archers can use it.


  • The riser is made of cherry, black walnut, and maple wood, creating a simple but elegant design. The backwood is made of flexible bamboo, and the entire bow is laminated inside a clear fiberglass for a clean look.
  • The bow feels smooth to the touch, and its grip adds a layer of protection to your drawing hand.
  • Because of its deflex-reflex design, there is very little shock to the hands every time I fire off an arrow.
  • I find that I can fire arrows with consistency with this bow.
  • This bow is very light and easy to use, which I think makes it a great practice bow for beginner archers.
  • This model is available for both right-handed and left-handed archers.


  • There is no arrow shelf cushioning. You also need to buy a separate bow stringer because it is not included in the package.
  • I think that the tuning of this bow can still be improved.
PSE Sequoia Longbow Right Hand, 50#
  • PSE Sequoia 68'' LNGBW RH 50 LGHT MAPLE

Last update on 2024-06-24 PST - Details


My favorite longbow for hunting is the SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow. Not only is it very well made, it is also relatively cheaper compared to other longbow models out on the market.

While the Martin Archery Savannah wins in terms of design, the combination of cassia siamea and makore wood gives the SAS Pioneer longbow a unique but classy look. It also manages to keep the bow heavy duty and durable.

The Bear Archery Montana Longbow comes a very close second, and I find that both models give little to no hand shock at all, which I think is important when choosing a longbow.

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