Best Mathews Bow for Hunting

Mathews bow

Best Mathews Bow for Hunting

Different hunters use different weapons when hunting. In most cases, the gadget they use depends on preference. For example, some prefer using bows when hunting since they enjoy the adrenaline brought by these tools. In addition, they consider hunting a challenge that requires them to have certain skills and patience.

Besides, bows are quiet, and when you use this tool during your hunting venture, you will not have to worry about scraping away the wildlife. In addition, when you use this device to hunt, you will not disrupt the creatures around you. As a result, most hunters prefer using a bow when hunting.

However, to get the best out of your hunting venture, invest in the best bow in the market. If you do not get a quality product, it will compromise your venture, and you might not get anything. But if you have a quality bow, you can be certain you will be successful in your hunting endeavor.

With the various bow manufacturing companies, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the right one for you to use. However, one of the top bow manufacturing companies in the globe is Mathews. The company is known to produce high-quality bows that come in handy for hunters.

Learn more about Mathews bows and the Best Mathews Bow for Hunting.

What Is The Best Bow By Mathew?

Mathew Bow Company is always researching and testing their products to make the best commodities for their clients. Therefore, it is no wonder that each new bow release made is better than they had previously.

Since Mathew’s making company has some great options, here is a look at some of the best bows by Mathews.

Mathews Genesis

One feature that makes this bow stand out is great for young hunters who want to shoot. This bow is also known as the ultimate trainer. The bow has a 30″ draw length and a maximum of 20″ draw weight. The best thing about this bow is that you will not need to adjust since no draw length is needed as the setting is always right. That makes it easy for the kids to use.

  • Finish

The Mathews Genesis hunting bows also come in various colors. That makes it eBay for the young hunters to choose a gear that they like

  • Sturdy

Young hunters can be playful, and at times, they might not take care of their bow. But since the Mathews Genesis is sturdy, it will serve them for a long time.


  • Suitable for young shooters
  • Draw length is always correct

Mathews Stoke

mathews stoke


Whether you are a beginner or a pro in bow hunting, you need to invest in the best product. The Stoke by Mathews is one of the best products in the market. It is light and can draw weight to 25 yards. In addition, the bow shoots quickly without making noise.

  • Stable

When hunting, you need a stable bow so that you can have an easy time trying to get your target. That is what you will get when you invest in Mathews Stoke. In addition, the stability helps to offer accuracy.

  • Durable

If you properly maintain this bow, it will serve you for a long time. It is made of strong materials, and you can be assured that you will get value for your money with this product.


  • It a classic and looks great
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet hunts

Mathews Halon

Mathews Halon

The production of Mathews Halon comes in three different sizes that are determined by height. Hallows 5, which are five inches long. Halon 6 is 6 inches long, and Halon 7 is 7 inches long. These bows have a similar axle which is 30 inches, and all weigh 4.5lbs.

  • Smooth Draw

The bow offers you a smooth draw and surprising speed. It also has heavy infrastructure that contributes positively to the shock and will help in noise improvement.

  • Accurate

The other feature that makes this bow stand out is that it is accurate. Therefore, it will help ensure that your hunts are successful.


  • The bow is sturdy
  • It offers you the occurrence
  • It has a good looking package

Mathews V3 

V3 by


V3 hunting bows by Mathews are a various high precision,compact with the longest riser of axle to axle.These offer rigid platforms that can handle large and high-energy cams. These also come with a perfect alignment and a new switch weight technology.

  • Grip

The other feature that stands out about Mathews V3 is that the bows have a new engagement grip and a slide plate option which are extremely comfortable to use. Thus, it gives hunters an easy time when using this brand of bow for hunting.

  • Different Draw Weight

When you make use of this bow, you will get different draw weights. Thus, you can adjust your bow to the weight that you prefer. Depending on the game you will hunt, you can even change it each time you go hunting.


  • New module development
  • Fast and quiet
  • Great finish

Mathews Triax

Another great hunting gear you can use is the Mathews Triax. The hunting bow has its finish well done with a great-looking pattern. The finish is the one thing that makes the bow stands out from its competitors. Besides the great looks, the bow has a great outer core that is strong and sturdy.

  • Grip

The Tria has one of the best grips in the market. It is made of a black back rubber composite that feels amazing to use. The grip is also skinny, which makes it easy for the hunters to grip. In addition, hunters can customize the grip by adding features they need and will not have to worry about the gear being too bulky.


  • It has a great finish
  • Can be adjusted
  • A dead in hand bow

Are Mathew Bows Expensive?

Mathews bows do not come cheap, and some hunters might feel that this product is expensive. But the fact is that this is a high end bow, and when you compare it with other high end bows, the price will be reasonable. Also, given that they are high end bows, you can be sure that you will be getting quality products.

However, for those on a budget and who feel that the prices by Mathews are too costly, you can consider purchasing from their more affordable line known as the Mission bows. Though these bows are cheaper, they will offer you great service and ensure that you get value for your money.

Though the high end Mathews bows are expensive, they will serve you for a long time. If you take proper care of these devices, you will not have to replace or buy another bow for your hunting venture unless you want to diversify. Besides, with Mathews, if you handle it with care, they do not break.

Mathews has a variety of brands that are great and will serve you well during your venture. However, keep in mind that these bows are designed for different people. That is why before investing in the product, you ought to take your time to choose a brand that is right for you.

Is investing in Mathews worth it?

Yes, if you get a bow that suits you, then Mathews will be worth your money. However, you need to shoot various brands to find the one that works best for you. That way, you will have an easy time when hunting.

Since Mathews entered the market, they strived to offer some of the best products, and each day, they continue to create bows that will offer hunters a smooth time. These bows have a low level of vibration and noise. In addition, they are smooth and fast.

The company also strives to create different brands so that they can suit different users. Therefore, if you take your time, you can be assured that you will get a hunting bow that will suit your needs. Note that bows are meant to serve you for a long time. That is why before you invest in one, you have to ensure that you have done your research and found a product that will offer you quality service.

Final Thought

There are numerous Mathews bows for hunting, and that being the case, you need to invest in a product that will serve your needs. That is why you have to ensure you have tested the product you are thinking of buying. Testing will help you get a feel of the bow and determine if this is a product you want to use.

In addition, you need to do your research on how to take proper care of your bow. By doing this, you will know how to handle your Mathews bow best so that they can serve you for a long time. Note that even if you buy the best bow in the market, if you do not take the time to maintain it, the product will not offer you the services you need. Choosing the best Mathews bow for hunting is not easy, but you can use the guide above to assist you with the selection.

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