Best Turkey Vest in 2022

Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest in 2022

A Turkey vest for hunting is created specifically for use by hunters, and it has some specific features that make them suitable for hunting gear. One of the most popular features is the many pockets that help organize the many little things that a hunter needs. The vest is not heavy, and its many pockets make it for the hunter to have everything at their fingertips. In addition, some vests carry a dry, soft cushion that you can use to sit on, making it an essential part of your turkey hunting apparel and one of the most important hunting clothes that you must have. For that reason, it would help if you knew how to find the best turkey hunting vest that suits your turkey hunting style. Take a look at the following guide.

The first thing that you need with your turkey hunting vets is the capacity to organize your essentials so that you can find them easily when you need them. Next, as hunting clothing, you must ensure that your turkey hunting vest fits comfortably well and has an appropriate camo. Those are the most important features you must ensure your vest has; otherwise, it will not serve ten purposes.

How much Does a Turkey Vest Cost?

Your turkey hunting vest cost depends on its features and the material used for making it. The price also depends on functionality and the size of the vest. Most of them range from 50 dollars to 200 dollars.

Also, the kind of turkey hunting vests you choose depends on the hunting ground that you prefer. Since turkeys live in different places, you have to choose your vest depending on where you like hunting for your turkeys.

What are the Best Turkey Hunting Vests for Open Country?

If you hunt your turkey in an open country, you will appreciate a vest that comes with its chair. That way, you will be able to set up anywhere naturally other than looking for a big tree for you to rest. A folding chair works like a stadium seat except that it is your vest, and you can wear it when need be.

The 2021 turkey hunting is different from the old models in that they are light and have an international frame with nylon straps connecting the backrest with the seat. The seat allows you to lean back when you are exhausted. The vest comes in one size-fit all for men and one size fit all for women brands.

What is the Best Turkey Hunting Vest for Your Warm Weather?

If you hunt your turkey in very warm weather, you will appreciate wearing a lightweight turkey hunting vest. You will also want to use a vest with a dedicated thermacell-pocket to make you a bit comfortable with the hot weather. Some of the best warm-weather turkey hunting vests include the Nomad Men’s MG Turkey Vest. It has a cool strap and pockets that carry only a few items that you need most. Of course, you have to make sure you keep it light to avoid making it more burdening. The vest also has a special pocket designed to hold a thermacell mosquito repellent. It also comes with the best camo for the season and adjustable straps that allow you to customize it.

What Color of Vest Should You Choose?

It is important to choose your first according to the camouflage color depending on the peculiarities of the hunting area of choice. At the same time, you also need a vest that can camouflage the rest of the clothing. The 2021 hunting vest comes with three options that are winter, summer, and mid-season options. The best choice should be the lightweight and high ventilated fabric. Some of the most popular hunting vests include but are not limited to:

  • Primos Gobbler Vests
  • ALPS outdoors NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest and
  • Primos Gobber Vest, Mossy Oak Greenleaf

What is the Best Lightweight Turkey Vest?

One of the best turkey vests in 2021 and the lightest in the Cabela’s Speed Seat Half Turkey Vest which is like a fanny pack, but it is also to carry your hunting items just like a hunting vest. It is one of the most lightweight vests suitable for a sunny season. Although it looks very basic, it can hold all of your turkey hunting essentials. It has things like a call pocket, water bottle pocket, an accessory pocket enough to carry almost everything you need for your hunting.

Some of the Most Common Turkey Hunting Vests Reviews

ALPS OutdoorZ Enforcer

The vest comes with several features that you may not find with any other hunting vest. It has pockets of different sizes to allow you to organize all your strikers and calls strategically so that you can be sure of picking the right open when you need to use it. The vest also comes with a kickstand frame to rest on anytime in the woods and give you the comfort you need. While sitting on your seat, you can call your prey and shoot the moment it is in a clear sight range.

Also, with this kind of vest, you can easily use your smartphone as it has a dedicated sleeve which comes with a super handy to make it easy for you to use the phone. Moreover, with the dedicated smartphone sleeve, you do not have to remove it from the bag.

Another good thing with this kind of hunting vest is that it has some adjustable features to make sure you set it according to your size and shape. That way, you will be comfortable using your hunting vest, and it can be used either in the car, or at the campsite. In addition, the vest comes with a sizable bag that makes it unnecessary to buy another bag, thus giving you a hassle-free life when hunting.


  • The vest has lots of room to ensure that you can carry everything you need for your hunting venture.
  • Come with a game bag and a kickstand, and the memory foam pad
  • It also has adjustable straps, and it is comfortable to wear
  • It has different size pockets to ensure better organization of your gear


  • The vest is bigger and heavy as compared to others
  • Also, the magnets of ten-seat may fail from time to time
  • Hunters Specialties H.S Strut Turkey Vest

ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest

This kind of hunting vest comes with several features, but it is one of the most affordable vests in the market. The vest has everything you need in terms of features, and it has well-designed pockets to hold your calls and everything else you need to carry for your hunting. Its large pockets make it easy to store large gear more conveniently. It also keeps your box very secure and allows you to switch calls as desired.

The vest comes with very comfortable seats, unlike the conventional vests. The seat is created in three layers, and you can use it for a very long time without experiencing any discomfort. Again the vest is customizable around the shoulders, waist, and sternum straps.


  • It is made of very durable materials.
  • It is lightweight to make it easy to wear and walk without hassle
  • It has different mess pockets that make carrying different items much easier


  • The vest is created without a game bag, and therefore, you have to buy a different bag.

What are the Turkey Vest Essentials?

Once you get the best kind of vest you need for your turkey hunting project, the next thing you need is to ensure you carry everything else that you will need to carry for your hunting experience. Here is a list of the turkey hunting essentials you need and carry with your hunting vest.


Your front pockets are designed to hold the myriads types of turkey calls. You will have to carry with you pot calls, box calls, and diaphragm calls.

Insect Repellant

As you sit in a thicket, you will experience swarms of mosquitoes, flies, and gnats that can make your stay very uncomfortable. To avoid such experiences, it is important to ensure you have mosquitoes and other insect repellants to ensure that you do not have a hard time sitting in the thicket while hunting. In addition, some turkey vests have side pockets which hold thermacell units to help keep the critters away.


It would be best to carry tools like the Led headlamp for early morning and late evening returns. You will also need a hunting knife, folding saw, pruning shears as well as multi-tool for clearing your way in the thicket.

Personal Items

You may need to carry with you some medication, wet wipes, toilet paper, and some snacks, and the vest pockets will be very handy for that.

Decoys and Spare Stakes

It would be best if you carried some portable decoys and extra spare stakes to improve your chances of finding a gobble in a great way.

What is the Importance of Turkey’s Hunting Vest?

The importance of your turkey hunting vest is that it makes it convenient for you to transport your turkey hunting calls and other essentials. It is the best way of packing your harvested gobbler, and the seat is a bonus to keep you comfortable as you wait for your prey. However, a lot depends on your turkey hunting method, and you sometimes may hunt without the hunting vest depending o what you want.

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