California Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

California Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

When we hear “California”, beautiful beaches and bright sunshine cover our minds. California has a ton of Bowhunting taking place every year which includes Deer, Bear, Pronghorn, Elk, Antelope and Bighorn sheep. For the people that like to venture hunting coupled with breathtaking scenes, the woods of California are a wonderland. Bow Hunting seasons in California are divided into different hunting zones. The state of California has dozens of hunting zones and this may confuse the hunters about which area they should choose for their game. It is advisable to visit the website of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

Individual areas within a hunting zone can have different timings for the seasons.

You can find Deer and Elks at sea level but to hunt bighorn sheep, you need to climb up the high altitude rugged mountains.

California Bow Hunting Seasons

Category Months
Deer July.10-Oct.2
Bear Aug.21-Sept.12
Pronghorn Aug.7-15
Elk July.31-Nov.14
Desert Bighorn sheep Aug.21-Sept.26
Rabbits July.1-Jan.30
Jack Rabbit Open season

License Fee in California

Category License type  Fee
Archery Resident  $54
Archey Non-Resident  $188
Archey Senior  $8.13
Archey Junior $14.3

Total Area and Regulations by State

The total hunting area of California state is a vast 99699,000 acres of premium grounds that welcome thousands of hunters annually. It is legal for hunters to use a bow of any type or size, be it a compound bow, recurve bow or longbow.

Fun facts about Bow Hunting in California

Hunters enjoy big scores every year in California and competition is also scarce when it comes to Bow Hunting in California. So you can pack your stuff and have a nice hunt with bonfires at night and relaxing moments without fear of someone wiping out the animals before you.

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