How Often Should I Change My Bow String?

how often should I change my bow string

The string is a major component of your compound. It can wear over time and need replacement. After a while, you may be asking “How often should I change my bow string?” The condition of your bow and its string is what to pay attention to when it comes to maintenance and replacement.

Bow strings are susceptible to breaking. You do not want it to get this point, and taking care of it is a simple way to avoid breakage. There are ways to ensure the longevity of your bow string. Some simple maintenance is all that is needed.


There are some things to look out for when trying to figure out if your bow string needs replacing. Ways to prolong this from happening do exist, and will be critical in maintaining your bow and keeping in great shape for a long time.

Breaking your bow string can cause some serious damage to the rest of your bow. This can be a costly situation depending on how it happens. The two ways you can break your bow string are significantly different when it comes to repair.

Taking care of your bow and its string is not complicated at all. Making sure it is clean, waxed, and maybe get something to help it out with the pressure. Just do not throw it in the back of your car or neglect it in any way if you want it to stay useful.

When To Change Your Bow String

bowstring fray


The best way to tell if your bow string needs a change is to look for wear and tear. Take a look at your string, noting any frays or broken strands. These signal that you should assess further and change when you feel it is time. On your bow string, there are areas with serving on them, and the fading of this means you should replace it soon.

The draw length will also become longer as the string gets more and more use. This can always be fixed at a repair shop. Since it is not necessarily a sign to change it, continue to treat it well to ensure that it lasts.

You want your bow string to last as long as possible. Being that, you should take care to attend to any problems or replace it if it is just time for it to go. Your performance may end up suffering because of a bow string in less than stellar shape.

What If The String Breaks

string break


Getting to the breaking point with your bow string is not a good sign. You will have to bring it to a repair shop. This breaking of your bow string also affects other components of your bow.

There are two different ways your bow string can break. The first is when it snaps, but the cables can still hold the bow down. When this happens, head to the repair shop immediately, putting your bow in its hard case.

If the cables break, too, you are in for a costly repair. This breakage can cause the cams and axles to bend or break. The limbs can also crack or break. This can potentially ruin your entire bow, so keeping it maintained and protected is paramount.

How To Avoid The String To Snap

Scorpion Venom Polymeric Bowstring Wax

To look after your bow string or just your bow overall, there are some things you can do. Bowstring wax is a beautiful thing and works wonders in maintaining your bow string. Scorpion Venom brand wax is cheap and one of the best waxes out there.

Your string will be pre-waxed and only needs to be waxed again when frays begin to appear. Heat up the wax when you apply it, rubbing with a rag to warm it up with the friction.

Here’s a video showing you how to properly wax your compound:

Storing it in a dry, clean place can also help your bow stay in good shape. Moisture can break down your string and wipe it off can prevent that from happening. Reapplying the wax to your string after a wipe down will ensure that it stays dry and protected.

A string loop can be super helpful, too. You use it to bring the bow string back instead of directly pulling on it. The relief from the pressure will protect your bow from stretching out too quickly if it happens at all.


Overall, taking care of your bow string can help you keep it for a longer time. Make sure that you replace it if it has strands breaking or fading serving. It is not difficult to take care of your bow string, and replacing it does not always have to be necessary.

Some signs of wear can be fixed during a short trip to the repair shop. You can also get bow string wax to help your string last longer. Storing it in a dry place will also help immensely. You should replace your bow from time to time.

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