Idaho Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Idaho Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Idaho offers rugged and beautiful landscapes that include steep mountain ranges, huge lakes, fast-flowing rivers, and sheer canyons. The state’s 2.3-million-acre of No Return Wilderness Area is the largest unspoiled natural area having protected wilderness.

With tremendous hunting opportunities, the wilderness species include elk, deer, pronghorn, black bears, mountain lions, moose, and bighorn sheep etc.

Idaho currently holds a massive population of about 107,000 elks. These elks can be found in the sagebrush deserts, the central Idaho mountains, or the timbered ridges in the northern part of the state.

Idaho Bowhunting Season

Bowhunting Category Months
Deer Oct. 10-Dec. 1**
Elk Aug. 1-Dec. 20**
Pronghorn Controlled Hunt Season Sept. 25-Dec. 31**
Black Bear Aug. 30-Oct. 31 and Apr. 15-30**
Mountain Lion Aug. 30-June 30**
Turkey Aug. 30-Jan. 31**

License Fee In Idaho

Category License Type  Fee
Adult Hunting and Fishing Resident $38.75
Senior Hunting and Fishing (65+ yrs) Resident $13.75
Adult Hunting and Fishing Nonresident  $264
Junior Mentored (10-17 yrs) Nonresident $91.75

Total Area And Regulations For Hunting By the State

Idaho has 31 Wildlife Management Areas that range from 275 to 85,000 acres. With any bow having a peak draw weight of fewer than 40 pounds up to or at a draw of 28 inches or any crossbow having a peak draw weight of fewer than 150 pounds. Using any compound bow set at more than 85 percent let-off. With an arrow or bolt, and a broadhead with a combined total weight of fewer than 300 grains. With an arrow less than 24 inches from broadhead to nock inclusive.

Fun Facts About Bow Hunting In the State

These shy and adorable, white-tailed deer are among the most abundant creatures in Idaho’s woodlands. Scientists have discovered that they live thrice longer in captivity than in the wild.

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