Is Airbow the Future of Bow Hunting?

A high-powered air weapon that fires arrows, the Airbow gun, can take down any game animal it encounters. You must feed the entire length of the arrow into the weapon and fill it with a high-pressure air tank to use it. Scuba tanks, tiny tanks, and high-pressure hand pumps can all be used.

For at least eight shots with 10% velocity, you won’t hear a peep or feel a puff of smoke. It also has a long effective range, which improves your chances of hitting your target. During hunting season or when firearms are permitted, you may use them. 

Specifications of The Airbow!

·       Eight consistent shots

·       Shots Firing at 450 FPS.

·       Powered by 3000PSI of Compressed Air

·       Top Cocking Bolt – Ambidextrous

·       Bullpup configuration, Short 33.5″ Overall Length

·       There are three custom arrows. It has field tips, 6×40 mm scope, quiver, and sling.

·       The weight of the Airbow is 7 pounds.

·       Length: 33.5 inches

·       BONUS: The Realtree AP Camo Decals are also Included 

How Does The Airbow Work?


Umarex AirJavelin Air Archery Rifle
Umarex AirJavelin Air Archery Rifle

What is the purpose of a bow, whether it is long, complex, or cross? A string is used to propel an arrow. The nock on the arrow, or the bolt-in crossbows, engages the string and propels the arrow forward.

All of that is altered by the Airbow. 375-grain and 26-inch Benjamin-made arrows, hollow, with a bit of cuff where the nock would ordinarily be, are used in the weapon’s design.

They can be equipped with any field point or (full-weight) broadhead like conventional arrows. Until the cuff fits into the back of the gun, forming a seal, the hollow arrow moves over an aluminum tube that serves as the barrel.

While firing an Airbow, pressurized air from the bolt mechanism impacts the arrowhead and pulls its shaft behind it, deflecting it. Using a flatbed trolly makes it much easier to pull than to push, and the arrow is subjected to fewer destructive forces as it leaves the bow as a result. It results in swift arrows.

A typical re-curve bow fires arrows at roughly 230 feet per second. In modern compound bows, the arrows travel between 300 and 400 feet per second. In the range of 300-375 fps, arrows fired from a crossbow fly.

Unlike the crossbow, the Airbow can shoot at 450 fps, and it’s about ten times faster to load than a crossbow. All of that speed results in a smooth trajectory and astounding precision.

Pros and Cons of Airbow!

The Airbow has been gaining a lot of popularity throughout the years. But there are some pros and cons to the product. Here are some of the pros and cons that the Airbow has:

Pros of Airbow

ü Ammunition Cost

ü Multiple Shots

ü Faster Reload

ü Greater Accuracy

ü Quiet

ü Speed

Cons of Airbow

×  Limited Air Supply

×  Compressed Air (In General)

×  Hunting Legality. 

×  Expense

Airbow vs. Crossbow: Comparison between the Two!


crossbow vs airgun

1.    Firing Mechanism

This weapon has a unique firing mechanism. Pulling the crossbow string with your hand below the rail requires some practice first. The safety is activated when the bow is cocked. After that, take the arrow from the quiver and reload the bolt. Finally, place your hand in the middle of the foregrip and fire.

An Airbow fires arrows by pumping in the compressed air. During archery season, you may use this arrow to take down deer heads easily because it receives more power than a crossbow and can do it with more accuracy because of the pressurized air running through the tubes. You can also use custom arrows and full-length arrows. 

2.    Accuracy

A wide range of factors can affect the accuracy of a traditional crossbow. When using a crossbow, it’s essential to use a crossbow that is precisely strung. With a crossbow, getting a tight grouping consistently is difficult because of the design’s string vibrations and other limitations.

The Pioneer’s air-powered shot is far more reliable. Like an air rifle, it shoots like a pistol at close range. The arrow is forced to follow a more exact trajectory by pushing a tiny barrel with pressurized air. Compared to other crossbows, this one is a lot more accurate.

The Pioneer’s arrows also steady more quickly. When fired from a crossbow, arrows can take a long time to stabilize in the air, but the Pioneer’s arrows steady practically instantaneously, thanks to their firing mechanism and barrel.

3.    Safety

Because an Airbow lacks a string, it is not necessary to pull it tight until it cocks. Crossbow injuries are common when the incorrect string is used. To use a crossbow, you’ll need a fair amount of strength.

The crossbow is inaccessible to anyone with impairments. Even though you have restricted mobility, you can still use Airbow. Load it with your hand, so you don’t have to stand or move exactly. 

4.    Compressed Air and Projectiles

Bow weapons, like the Pioneer, use arrows to deliver their payload, but the special arrows that come with the weapon aren’t your typical ammo. They have no rear pockets. Using a string with them isn’t really what they were designed for.

The arrows also have a few unique design features, although they don’t truly set them apart from the rest. They’ve just stepped up their game a tad.

One arrow can be loaded at a time, much like other bows. A cocking bolt is used to load the bow fully. It is loaded through a tube at the back of the bow. At 450 fps, the air reservoir will shoot it out.

The compressed air is a little more interesting. The user has several options to refill the built-in reservoir, which can contain enough compressed air for eight shots. In the field, it’s possible to use a pressurized air tank, but it’s too heavy for a hunting pack, so we recommend utilizing it in advance. 

5.    Bolts and Arrows

For different kinds of hunting, a crossbow uses different kinds of arrows. A 370-grain arrow is a bare minimum. Airbows can’t use carbon fiber or aluminum arrows since they’re too short. You can also use crossbow arrows with full-sized arrows, which are custom-made.

To avoid tangling issues, it does not have a cocking rope. It does, however, have back notches that are incompatible with string.

The crossbow’s minimum arrow length is between 20 and 22″, and the Airbow’s is between 26 and 28 inches. The arrow shaft on the Benjamin pioneer Airbow is very impressive. It is capable of delivering eight shots with a high degree of consistency.


Using an Airbow isn’t only a fun way to show off. For the archery community, this is a positive development. Thanks to the new regulations in place, safe, pleasurable, and accessible to all have been made possible.

There is no better archery accessory than the Pioneer if you want to improve your performance. We hope this article was of help to you.It is not permissible to hunt with the Airbow in every state. Before you take it into the woods,  please double-check the rules. happy Hunting 

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