Louisiana Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Louisiana Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Hunting season in Louisiana comes with a ton of different games and experiences. Among all states in the US, the migratory bird hunting of Louisiana is regarded as the best of all. Louisiana’s deltas, marshes, bayous, savannas, and longleaf pine forests are home to plenty of wildlife.

The state of Louisiana has a broad alligator hunt which attracts many hunting enthusiasts. You can hunt in Louisiana whether you are a resident of the state or a non-resident. The information about licenses with maps of the 13 hunting zones in Louisiana is available on the website of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Louisiana.

The time and dates of the seasons differ greatly by the hunting zone or the area in consideration. 10 hunting areas in Louisiana have different season timings.

Louisiana Bow Hunting Season

Category Months
Deer Sept.18-Feb.15
Turkey Apr.2-May.1
Squirrel Oct.2-Feb.28
Rabbit Oct.2-Feb.28
Quail Nov.20-Feb.28
Bobcat Open season

License Fee in Louisiana

Category License Type Fee
Archery Resident $15
Archery Non-resident $150
Archery Junior $17
Archery Senior $5

Total Area and Regulations by State

The state of Louisiana, fortunately, has some pretty light regulations when it comes to bowhunting. From the information available on Louisiana Department for Wildlife and Fisheries, there is a prescribed set of legal gear for archery that includes a Traditional bow, Crossbow, Compound bow, or any other bow that only involves mechanical processes in drawing, holding, and releasing the arrow.

Fun Facts about Bow Hunting in Louisiana

Bowhunters in Louisiana have the luck of being able to catch the big bucks off guard before the gun season arrives and the deer remain alert for any incoming threat.

And, if you miss a shot, you’re less likely to disperse the animals than in a gun hunt.

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