Minnesota Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Minnesota Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Hunting season in Minnesota brings with it golden chances of harvesting wolf, deer, bobcat, and many other small games. In the recent past, we were allowed to hunt moose but due to a population decline, the Department of Natural Resources has prohibited moose hunting to protect this magnificent creature.

There are rumors about the reopening of moose seasons as soon as stabilization of the population of the species occurs.

Hunting licenses are issued for all games to residents of the state as well as outsiders. The cost of the licenses can be different depending on the season, special standings and animals. An agent of the Department of Natural Resources can issue a license. A license can also be purchased at the department’s office located in st. Paul, by making a phone call or online. For Bowhunting of bear, turkey, deer, and wolf License lotteries can be availed.

Minnesota Bow Hunting Seasons

Category Month
Bear Sept.1-Oct.17
Deer Sept.18-Dec.21
Turkey Oct.2-31
Bobcat Dec.18-Jan.23
Rabbit Sept.18-Feb.28
Weasel Open season
Badger Oct.14-March.25

License Fee in Minnesota

Category License Type Fee
Archery Resident $22
Archery Non-resident $102
Archery Senior $13.50
Archery Junior Free

Total Area and Regulations by State

The total landmass of Minnesota available to the public for hunting is 50961,000 acres. A vast variety and diversity of animals are available in the state for Bowhunting. All types of bows, compound bows, recurve bows, and crossbows are legal to be used for bowhunting in Minnesota that has a minimum power of 30 pounds at or before the full draw.

Fun Facts About Bow Hunting in Minnesota

It is a dream of bow hunters to harvest one of the white-tailed deer that is found in abundance in the state. Firearm seasons in Minnesota see heavy traffic of hunters but separate bowhunting seasons make your life easy if you intend to move out with a bow and an arrow.

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