Ohio Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Ohio Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Hunting season in Ohio offers a wide variety of games that includes turkey, deer and pheasant. Archery hunting seasons take place regularly and a lottery is offered for controlled hunts. Almost all the selected hunters are issued up to two licenses that are eligible to be used personally or in share.

Hunters are allowed to check in bagged games online and do registration for license lotteries. Individuals are also permitted to apply for new licenses and get memberships and related items. New people that aspire to hunt are provided with course registration and hunter training online.

There are bag limits in deer hunting for individual Ohio counties. Counties can have up to four deer limits. The minimum limit in a county is three. It is recommended to visit the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for further bagging information.

In some states of Ohio, it is lawful to hunt fall turkey whereas, in some states it is illegal. Quail hunting is also permitted in selected areas of Ohio. 

Ohio Bowhunting Season

Category Months
Deer Sept.25-Feb.6
Wild turkey Oct.9-May.22
Ruffed Grouse Oct.9-Nov.28
Ring-necked pheasant Nov.5-Jan.9
Chukar Nov.5-Jan.9
Bobwhite Quail Nov.5-Nov.28

License fee in Ohio

Category  Base license type Fee
Archery Junior  10$
Archery Resident 19$
Archery Non-resident 180.6$
Archery Senior-65+ 10$

Total area and Regulations for Hunting By State

The total hunting area in the state of Ohio is 651000 acres  hence the hunters can enjoy wide swaths of hunting territory. In Ohio, longbows, as well as crossbows, are permitted to be used but hunting migratory game birds using crossbows is prohibited.

Fun facts about Bowhunting in Ohio

According to the figures, more than 75% of hunters filled a tag. This indicated Ohio hunters keep their freezers overloaded, finally some use for the appliance.

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