Oklahoma Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Oklahoma Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Oklahoma and its huge plains are famous for their cowboy pictures and stories. The northwestern plains of the state are mostly flat to rolling, whereas the southwestern part of the region is also plain but dotted with small mountain ranges like the Antelope Hills.

This variety of topography means that the place has plenty of wildlife species to offer. These include white-tailed deer, elk, pronghorn, black bears, wild turkeys, and several migratory birds.

Oklahoma Bowhunting Season

Bowhunting Category Months
Deer Oct. 1-Jan. 15
Elk Oct. 1-Jan. 15
Bear Oct. 1-17
Antelope Oct. 1-14
Wild Turkey (Fall Archery) Oct. 1-Jan. 15

License Fee In Oklahoma

Category License Type Fee
Annual Hunting Resident $25
Youth Hunting (valid for 16 & 17 years old only) Resident $5
Deer Archery Resident $20
Elk Resident $51
Deer Archery (valid from Oct. 1 РJan. 15) Nonresident  $280
Antelope Hunting Nonresident $306
Annual Hunting

(not valid for antelope, bear, deer, or elk)

Nonresident $142
Nonresident 5-Day Hunting

(not valid for the antelope, bear, deer, elk, turkey, or quail)

Nonresident $75

Total Area And Regulations For Hunting By the State

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation governs over 1.4 million acres of fish and wildlife habitat. These are available to hunters, fishermen, and outdoor recreationists. There are some rules that hunters must follow a compound bow having a draw weight of 30 pounds or more; any recurve, longbow, or self-bow of 40 pounds or more draw weight. It also legalizes hand-held releases. Hunters can also use devices that permit a bow to be held mechanically at the full or partial draw.

Fun Facts About Bow Hunting In the State

The population of white-tailed deer in Oklahoma is quite dense due to many record-breaking deer being found on this piece of land. For instance, on January 11th, 2015, Wade Ward hunted the largest white-tailed buck on record which was 188 inches.

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