Tennessee Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Tennessee Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Tennessee’s hunting history goes back to the Long Hunting days in the 1760s and 1770s. The state is still hunting heaven because of its varying habitat that is suitable for both big game and small game hunts. 

It has the huge Appalachian Mountains that dominate the eastern side of the state and the rolling hills and bottomland along the Mississippi River that shape the western border. Animals like white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, and black bears are in abundance. Upland birds like ducks and geese, and small game are also hunters’ attractions in Tennessee. 

The traditional nighttime raccoon hunting with dogs is another popular pastime of hunters in this region. Since white-tailed deer are present in all 95 counties of the state, their numbers have reached a massive 900,000 figure. Growth of the Tennessee deer herd is expected to increase especially across the Mississippi River counties and eastern Tennessee.

Tennessee Bowhunting Season

Hunting Category Months
Deer (Archery) Sept. 25-Oct. 29 and Nov. 1-5
Deer (Young Sportsman) Oct. 30-31
Deer (Muzzleloader/Archery) Nov. 6-19
Elk (Archery) Sept. 25-Oct. 1
Elk (Young Sportsman) Oct. 2-8
Turkey (Fall Archery) Sept. 25-Oct. 29 and Nov. 1-5

Bowhunting License Fee In Tennessee

Category License Type Fee
Archery Annual Big Game (Resident) $33.00
Archery Junior Hunt (Resident) $9.00
Archery Annual Senior Citizen (Resident) $4.00
Archery Annual All Game (Nonresident) $305.00
Archery Junior Hunt (Nonresident) $10.00

Total Area And Regulations For Hunting By the State

In the state of Tennessee, more than 7,000 acres of public hunting lands are available for hunting. The state doesn’t impose any legal restrictions on the size of the bow. 

Fun Facts About Bow Hunting In the State

Those hunters who successfully earn the elk permit are allowed to have a non-hunting partner with them. That’s an amazing offer for those who want to have fun hunting with friends.

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