Washington Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Washington Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

If you’re a perfectionist, you may seem to find a perfect spot for your bowhunting trip, where the scenery is breathtaking and the landscape is exotic. Weather is the fact that you’ll be looking at, not shivering cold and not so uncomfortably hot to make your palms sweaty. And the diversity in animal species to hunt will have the utmost importance.

Washington provides all the three factors in one place. Washington is not located near the tall rocky mountains but it does have 64 mountain ranges. Washington offers a huge variety of big game which includes deer, elk, and bear as well as a ton of small game species including migratory birds.

The State of Washington has many separate Game Management Units. Because of this, season dates can be different in one Game Management Area than in the others.

Washington Bow Hunting Seasons

Deer Sept.1-Dec.31
Elk E.W:AUG.1-Jan.20


Black Bear Aug.1-Nov.15
Cougar Sept.1-Aug.30
Turkey Sept.1-Apr.30
Fox Sept.1-Mar.15
Pheasant Sept.25-Jan.17
Raccoon Sept.1-Mar.15

License Fee in Washington

Category License Type Fee
Archery Resident $119
Archery Non-resident $958
Archery Senior $119
Archery Junior $56

Total Area and Regulations by State

The total hunting area that is open to the public in the state of Washington is a mind-boggling 13.4 million acres. This allows bow hunters to pick the terrain species of their choice as well as access different types of locations in one license.

When it comes to regulations for bowhunting in Washington, the draw weight of a bow must be a minimum of 40 pounds and the draw length must be 28 inches at least.

Fun Facts About Bow Hunting in Washington

When you set foot in the hunting grounds of Washington and you don’t enjoy it, you do not need to go back home, just explore the vast geography and find the place for you as the size of Washington is seemingly endless.

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