What Exactly Is Bison Meat and How Does It Taste?

Bison meat is yet another exotic meat that is very popular in America. You may have heard of bison burgers and steaks in the restaurant already. What makes this meat so popular is the flavorful taste and lean texture. It is a perfect meat alternative to beef and for the health-conscious also.

You have come to the right place if you are new to cooking the bison. This article will talk about Bison, its taste, texture, and the best cooking methods. This meat is easy and simple to cook with so much potential that you may fall in love!

What is Bison?

Bison is native to North America. They are often called Buffalo, but there is a huge difference between them due to their origin and specie. They may belong to the same species group, but the major difference is the body structure and the meat. The Bison have thick humps and bigger heads than the buffalo. Also, they have thick coats.

The texture and taste of the Bison Meat

The texture of the Bison meat is a bit coarse. But still, on the first bite, you will understand how the meat is leaner than the beef and much more tender. Other than that, the meat is a bit darker red than the other red meats.

The taste of the bison is so rich and surprisingly flavorful. There is no gamey flavor like the wild animals’ meat has. It also has a slightly sweeter taste than beef.

Best Dishes for Bison meat

Bison meat is best for celebrating any occasion. You can make so many dinner feasts with it. Following are our favorite ways of cooking:

  • Bison Chuck Roast: Try Bison roast if you are looking for something different for the family dinner. It is super easy to make and quick to make. You will also need lesser seasoning since the meat is lean.
  • Bison Burger: Bison burger is one of the tender and juiciest burgers you can ever have. Either grilling the burger or pan-frying it, it is succulent and makes it into a gourmet burger.
  • Ground Bison meatballs: Meatballs can be eaten alone or used in sandwiches or spaghetti. Try making the Bison meatball; they are tender and quick to make with minimal effort.
  • Bison Steaks: Since the bison is tender meat, making a steak from it is utter bliss. Just sear a bison steak just like beef steak and serve with gravy and mashed potatoes on the side.
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