The Right Cycle When To Use Doe Estrus: A Guide For All Hunters

When To Use Doe Estrus

Different hunters will have different opinions about proper training, equipment, calls, and decoys to use when hunting whitetails, but they only have one thing in common when they talk about scents – it’s all about the right cycle. So, when is really the right time to use this kind of scent? Although whitetails have their own vocal, chemical, or visual communication, it is a fact widely acknowledged that they rely more on scents than sight and sound. These animals communicate through different scents such as walking, tarsal flaring, licking, urine and feces, and scrapes, and you can find all about these topics on the internet. For now, I would like to discuss a specific scent known as doe estrus, when to use doe estrus and the right cycle for you to use it.

Different Cycles Mean Different Scents

Anyone who tells you that you can use doe estrus anytime of the year does not have any idea about hunting. Whitetails are intelligent animals regardless if they can be easily hunted or not, and they can sense if there are hunters in the area if they smell something unusual. Of course, there are four different seasons in America – spring, summer, autumn, and winter, but let me break down this topic into three cycles – the pre-rut, rut, and post-rut. Knowing these three important cycles will help you use your doe estrus efficiently and effectively. Not giving a damn about this topic… well, that’s going to backfire on you sooner than later.

Let’s discuss these cycles one by one so you can have an idea whether or not it is truly the right time to use doe estrus:


pre rut

If you have read the previous article I wrote entitled When to Use Doe Bleats, you will know by now that pre-rut begins at the beginning of autumn. If you have a doe estrus scent, I suggest you keep it in a safe place during the pre-rut season. Why? It’s because even though the bucks are ready to breed, the does are not. During this cycle, bucks are just keeping tabs on does, but rut is not yet in full swing.


the rut

Now is the most effective season when to use doe estrus because a doe will just stand still for the buck rather than run away from him. You can click THIS to check my most recommended product, but feel free to check other products to your own liking. During this time, you also have to take into consideration that the estrus cycle will only last for about twenty-four hours. So during the estrus period, spread a liberal amount of the doe estrus scent around your area, wait for a buck to appear, and successfully shoot him in the heart.

Do not fret if ever you were not able to successfully hunt whitetails during the first cycle of the estrus period, because if a doe has not been bred, she will become most fertile again after twenty-eight days.


post rut

Some hunters would probably tell you to keep the doe estrus scent again in a safe place, but they are all wrong. Even though the rut season has ended, you can still use doe estrus scent because some bucks are still looking for the unbred does. Yes, this season may be less rigorous than the rut season, but this scent will still work a few more times. What I can suggest during post-rut is to use doe estrus scent together with another scent just to reassure whitetails that the area is safe from hunters. Why? It’s because since the rut has already ended, whitetails are now more concerned with food rather than breeding.


So now that you know when to use doe estrus, it is up to you how to properly use it. Just a little heads up, even though you cannot use doe estrus during the pre-rut, it does not necessarily mean that you will have to put on hold your hunting activities. There are different scents you can choose from, but this article is meant to inform you when to use doe estrus, so maybe we can discuss these different scents some other time.

To summarize everything that I have discussed above, let me just reiterate that doe estrus scent is best used during the rut cycle. Yes, you can still use this during the post-rut cycle, but the chances of successfully hunting a buck are extremely lower during this time.

I hope this article helped you, my friends. I also hope that this article answered your question when to use doe estrus. Just a piece of advice when you go out in the wild — always remember to use doe estrus wisely and in a timely manner. As hunters, we all want to have a successful hunt, and this can only be achieved if you will follow these simple guidelines. I, myself, were able to successfully hunt whitetails using doe estrus, and I know you also can. Happy hunting!


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