New Jersey Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

New Jersey Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

New Jersey is a comparatively small state when compared to other states in the US. But its size can be deceiving as it has plenty of baggage to be harvested for the residents of the state as well as non-residents. If you explore the Garden State, you’ll have a bounty of the harvest, as well as a thrilling experience of hunting deer, wild turkey, black bear, and tons of other small games. 

In recent times, the authorities of New Jersey have increased the number of days when hunting is permitted, increasing the hunting days to 100 in which the bowhunters of all ages venture into the woods and score their kills. It is astonishing for such a small state to harvest nearly 55,000 deer in a single season. 

For more insight into the laws and regulations regarding bow hunting in New Jersey, you should visit the website of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

New Jersey Bow Hunting Season

Category Month
Deer Sept.11-Jan.31
Black Bear Closed
Wild Turkey Oct.24-31
Coyote Nov.7-March.15
Pheasant  Nov.7-Dec.5
Partridge Nov.7-Dec.5
Rabbit Sept.26-Dec.5

License Fee in New Jersey

Category License Type Fee
Archery Resident $31
Archery Non-resident $135
Archery Junior Free
Archery Senior $16

Total Area and Regulations by State

The total area available for bowhunting in New Jersey is 750,000 acres of lush and diverse hunting grounds that are a dream of every bowhunter to set foot on. When it comes to regulations of bowhunting, for long and recurve bows, a minimum draw weight of 35 pounds is required for hunting. For crossbows, the minimum draw weight is increased to 75 pounds.

Fun Facts About Bow Hunting in New Jersey

By every passing day, bowhunters are bagging deer in thousands and you can make a trip in this wilderness to get your arrow on some bucks.

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