Vermont Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Vermont Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

As we move into the Northeast of the United States we seem to miss the lush forests and exotic wilderness of other western states. Located in Northeast Vermont stands out with premium hunting grounds and tons of games of all types big and small. Full of lush green mountains mixed with exotic dry areas, Vermont offers dozens of hunting seasons that span all year.

The authorities have put great effort into establishing the hunting industry and due to this Vermont is currently the only state in the US that has given constitutional rights to hunting. In the state of Vermont, a great amount of big game is offered to the ambitious bow hunters including black bears, moose, and deer. Turkey hunting is also provided in Vermont coupled with ample small game.

Vermont Bow Hunting Seasons

Category Months
Deer Oct.1-Dec.15
Black Bear Sept.1-Nov.21
Moose Oct.1-7
Turkey Oct.2-22
Partridge open season
Quail Open season
Ruffed Grouse Sept.25-Dec.31

License Fee in Vermont

Category License Type Fee
Archery Resident $28
Archery Non-resident $102
Archery Senior $60
Archery Junior $8

Total Area and Regulations by State

Despite Vermont being a small state comparatively, its authorities have allocated a respectable 163,000 acres of land area to hunting. This area allows Bowhunting on a large scale. Bowhunting is facilitated by the Vermont government as there are no legal restrictions on bows to be used for archery. Compound, long and recurve bows along with crossbows are allowed to be used no matter how much draw weight they might have. There are no restrictions on arrows either, any type of arrows either with broadheads or not are legal to be used in Vermont.

Fun Facts About Bow Hunting In Vermont

If you want to bow hunt in a rugged area but you also crave lush forests, Vermont is the place where you can move from forests to deserts on a single hunting trip.

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