Oregon Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Oregon Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Oregon is popular for its lush green forests and a large amount of annual rainfall. It is also a great spot for bowhunters who desire to hunt in the thick jungles of this marvelous state. Situated on the West Coast, Oregon offers loads of animal species to be hunted including cougar, bear, deer, elk, and last but not the least pronghorn. Small game seasons are also scheduled annually in Oregon. For information on licenses and the hunting regulations in the state of Oregon, you are recommended to go through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website or visit their office.

Permits are required for bowhunting of black bear in Oregon as this is a controlled hunt, Bighorn sheep bow hunts are considered once-in-a-lifetime. Taking on the Deer also requires special permits. Pronghorn hunting in Oregon is a maximum of one animal hunted per season.

Oregon Bow Hunting Seasons

Category Months
Black Bear Aug.1-Dec.31
Cougar Jan.1-Dec.31
Pronghorn Aug.14-Oct.24
Bighorn Sheep Aug.15-Oct.31
Deer Aug.28-Sept.26
Elk Aug.28-Sept.26
Porcupine Open season

License Fee in Oregon

Category License Type Fee
Archery Resident $34
Archery Non-resident $172
Archery Senior $22
Archery Junior $10

Total Area and Regulations by State

There are 77 individual hunting zones in the state of Oregon which translate into a total hunting area of about 34 million acres. This massive territory of Oregon brings a great opportunity for bow hunters to bag 22 animal species. For Bowhunting, regulations state that any type of bow, longbow, crossbow, or recurve bow can be used for hunting but the draw weight should be greater than 40 pounds. There is perhaps an exception to this case as the minimum draw weight for elk is 50 pounds.

Fun Facts About Bow Hunting in Oregon

Setting foot on the hunting grounds of Oregon is a challenging task due to the vastness of the territory and harsh weather. So be prepared and double-check your tools if you want some adventure.

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