Pennsylvania Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

Pennsylvania Bow hunting Season,Regulations and license fees

If you’re aiming to use your bowhunting skills to bag big as well as small animals as well, Pennsylvania is the best place to be in. A variety of hunting seasons are provided by Pennsylvania Game Commission which spans twelve months. There are special seasons and dedicated youth hunt days for archery. On the East Coast, one of the best deer hunting opportunities is offered in Pennsylvania. If you need to grasp more information on bowhunting in Pennsylvania visit the Pennsylvania Game Commission website on the internet. Bowhunting seasons in Pennsylvania are regulated by the area we hunt in. Baiting is prohibited in the state of Pennsylvania and bag limits, season dates can vary from area to area.

Pennsylvania Bow Hunting Seasons

Category Months
Deer Sept.18-Jan.17
Elk Sept.11-25
Black Bear Sept.18-Nov.26
Wild Turkey Oct.30-Nov.26
Groundhogs Open Season
Pheasant Oct.9-16
Bobwhite Quail Oct.23-Nov.26


License Fee in Pennsylvania

Category License Type Fee
Archery Resident $21
Archery Non-resident $102
Archery Junior $7
Archery Senior $14

Total Area and Regulations by State

An exotic and rich hunting experience is provided in Pennsylvania’s 20 state forests land area which totals about 2.2 million acres. Out of the total 121 state parks, 97 permit bow hunting during the seasons.

When it comes to bowhunting regulations, the draw weight of a compound, long, and recurve bow should be 35 pounds at least. For crossbow draw weight is raised to 125 pounds. The arrows used must have broadheads measuring ⅞ inches and should have at least two sharp edges that are in one plane.

Fun Facts about bow hunting in Pennsylvania

A huge amount of bowhunters head to Pennsylvania every year to hunt deer, which is the most popular game there. In addition, online safety courses are offered by authorities that help you learn more and enjoy some classes with the trip.

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